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  1. Prime stresses the core's harder them SuperPi. Super Pi is a great utility to get you close, but unless you can run Prime stable (2 instances at "realtime" priority) for 12 hrs. or longer, 24 prefered; I wouldn't call your system "stable". It may never effect you in real-life, but it could. I use my computer for a vast majority of school and work, so I need it to be "stable", and as such I have to keep my OC at a moderate level. I can run SuperPi just shy of 2.7, but I'm only Prime Stable at 2550...big difference. Just my thoughts...
  2. I appreciate the help...still looking to see if I can boot-up and do a fresh load of windowz while both cards are configured for SLI. As for the Modstream, even though it's only a 520 I think it's rails could handle both cards as the remainder of my system is minimal...maybe...I just don't want to have to buy another PS.
  3. Looking for a little advice. As you can see in my sig, I've now gone Widescreen...and while the 7800GT CO is a very nice card, 1680x1050 is pushing it while running max details and 4x8 filters. What I'm looking for are hints to go SLI, such as: 1. Load Windows with both in? 2. Known issues that I've missed while running SLI (other then the chipset gets hot and requires an additional fan) 3. Ability of my 520 Modstream to push two 7800GT CO's. Any and all information would be appreciated...thanks!
  4. It is well known that the Expert reports temps incorrectly...but most processors have "established operating temps" validated from all the other users with simular hardware. I knew of the temp problem before I bought this board (didn't realize it was 10+ off though) but I can add, and when I'm done with the math the benefits of the board more then offset the problem with the temps. I just add 10-15c to my temps and run with it. With this I can say that my X2 3800 @ 2.6 with 1.42 vcore should run around 48-52c loaded with my 120-si...and the board reports 38c. It's a pain but I deal with it...I wouldn't think of RMA'ing for another board when the fix is a future BIOS update.
  5. I add 10c to my temp to compensate for the Experts inability to report temps correctly. I have based this on the temps from this chip in other boards. I think this is about the norm for this board...but a BIOS update would be nice.
  6. Well that's not far off of mine, but I wouldn't trust the temp probe. I'm reporting the following via smatguardian: CPU: 26 idle 38 load PWMIC: 36 idle 40 load Chipset: 36 idle 41 load At least you now have another set of figures to compare against, and I wouldn't trust your probe temp...you have no way of knowing what the thermal transfer is. I have mine attached to the base of my 120-Si and it reads about 8-10 below actual diode temp which I consider in the loss of thermal transfer.
  7. I have also tried to determine which mode of thinking is better on this and it seems that opinions are the reigning champ...some use it and some dont. I don't use it any longer. I did when I had my NEO2 as this seemed to keep the system from hanging when I burnt cd's...but I haven't since I moved up to this DFI. I haven't looked in my event viewer and might have to do this tonight.
  8. At least most of you are getting results that change...my X2 just sits at 34c regardless of idle or load. One thing for sure is that due to all the strange readings from members, I'm sure it's nothing more than a bios update.
  9. I think I'm about 10c off. Motherboard: SLI-DR Expert Mobo Revision: ??? Mobo BIOS version: 12/7 Official CPU: X2 3800+ ADA3800DAA5CD (CCBWE 0544 XPMW) CPU ID: ??? Idle Temp: 44C Load Temp: 44C Cooling: XP-120si w/Panaflow 1MBX I can't find a program yet that reads the temp correctly...hence the same value for idle and max. This is default settings @ 1.33 vcore
  10. That's about what I'm doing...it put's the cpu about 3c above ambiant of the case. Since we are on the subject, are there any 3-party programs that work from windows to monitor this? I haven't looked at the latest MBM, but the version I have now shows 120c at idle...
  11. No flames please as I'm a newb on DFI boards and might state something wrong. I have my Expert up and running but the temp readings are all messed up. I have seen multiple threads about this but I can't seem to tell if the modded bios fixes the problem. I don't believe in flashing just to flash, but the temp reading will keep me from ramping up the vcore until I can trust the readings...at least be somewhat close. Right now they read 44c with my X2 at 1.33 vcore on a 120-si with a Panaflow blowing hard...so I know it's way off. Suggestions.............?
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