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  1. Yeah, wish all this could work with AMD... S1
  2. I also need someone to modify my sig.....
  3. Hi Ace..looks like I am next in line. I want a BF2 sniper on my sig if its okie. Thanks. S1
  4. Can Window XP 32bit handle 4GB of rams due to inadequate address space?? I read in MSDN Forum regarding 4GB rams on Window XP 32bit. WinXP can only recognise 3GB...:confused: S1
  5. Appreciate it Ace !!! Thanks a million. S1
  6. Hi Ace, I would like to request a signature also, if its okie with you. Thanks. S1
  7. I believe its for Opty and X2 PIB. New AMD HSF S1
  8. Redbeaver, thanks for the warning.... and guess I will stick with Ntune to monitor the temp for now. Thanks a lot guys. S1
  9. Thanks , I will try this later. Anyway I also use speedfan and smartguardian and they are okie, only the MBM have the freaking alarm sound.... S1
  10. Hi all, my 1st post. Just got myself a NF4 Infinity Ultra mobo. D/L the mbm with NF4 data and installed the whole thing as per instruction. I dun mind the cpu temp fluctuating but the ringing or beeping tone is darn irritating. Any ideas how to switch it off?? Thanks S1
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