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  1. 7900GTX SLI / X1900XT Crossfire is a different story -there we're talking almost $1000 worth of video cards whereas the GX2 is coming in at under $600. Increased power consumption, the fact that it takes up two PCIe slots and the fact that the GX2 is quieter than either of them as well makes it almost stupid to buy an X1900XT/7900GTX right now. Wait for more refined drivers and the GX2 will only get better -I ain't no fanboy but the GX2 is a bargain if you ask me -and you've always got the option for quad-sli if you need it (24"/30" LCDs). That said, any new $600+ purchase right now is a bit worrisome -with G80 coming in a couple of months. They don't use punctuation where you at momomo?
  2. Did you get that 7800GT ages ago or was it a new buy? Instead of the TT Big Typhoon -you could try a XP-120 / Scythe Ninja -all depends if you want a tower heatsink or one that will cool your surrounding mosfets etc. Personally I would go for the XP/SI-120 over the other two. Might block one of your PCI-E x16 slots though. Definitely wait until mid-July if you're still going for an AMD system -price cuts of 50% are just too good to pass up. Hell, I'm still curious why you went the 939 route seeing as thats gonna cut off your upgrade path for the future but I guess you wanted a DFI board now
  3. The MSI K9N Platinum and / or Foxconn C51XEM2AA look quite good -they were both reviewed over at Anandtech and a few other places. The Foxconn comes with a 1394b firewire-800 port too if you're into video editing etc. I'd go for the NF570 / NF570 SLI chipset at the moment though -the 590 is just a bit too high at the moment
  4. Go for the 7950GX2 > less power required than X1900XT Crossfire and better performance -depending on what resolution you're playing at. If you're gaming 1920x1200 the GX2 can't be beat...good prices too. As for the cpu -a 165/170 will be fine
  5. Leadtek Winfast PX7800GT PCI-E + Zalman VF900cu - $200 + shipping (negotiable). Six months old and still under warranty -can easily reach 470/1150mhz. Perfect condition. pm me for details
  6. it took me about a week with AS5 on my freezer 64 pro to settle temps down to respectable levels. i think temps dropped about 4-5C. give it a while -some people also say that the stock mx-1 compound is better to use than AS5 because the freezer 64 pro doesn't have a mirror finish on the bottom...
  7. sounds like you're going for silence and performance, i wouldn't recommend an older heatsink like a CNPS7000/7700 (i used to own both) simply because for the money you can buy something that cools better -with heatpipes. you can do a search for these on SVC or xoxide or somewhere like that -most of them use 120mm fans for maximum airflow / minimum noise. these are the top 3 imo but you might need to check to see if they're compatibe with your mobo: Scythe Ninja Thermalright SI-120 / XP-90 Sunbeam Tuniq Tower 120 if you're on a budget you might wanna check out the Arctic Cooling Freezer 64 Pro -you can sometimes find it on sale for about $20 and it seriously kicks butt for the money. uses a 92mm fan
  8. might be having trouble getting rid of it seeing as a brand new 7900GT is like $270 with rebates nowadays and totally canes that 7800GT...
  9. uh. theres a little site here where you might be able to order one great monitor btw -uses the same LG panel as the apple cinema displays -i'm loving mine but saving up for a 2405FPW
  10. shiiiiet -you were right -hit up optimized settings and now it works. totally forgot to do that after i cleared the cmos -i just went back and reconfigured it from memory. thx for that
  11. I managed to get my 165 up to 2.71ghz stable previously -and since putting it back to stock I haven't touched anything. I then bought 2x1GB OCZ Gold GX 3-4-3-8 UCCC PC4000 sticks to help with o/c and gaming -now I'm facing this huge problem I have no idea what how to solve: XP, CPU-Z & Everest don't seem to detect my o/c -the bios reads 2700mhz but both CPU-Z and Everest just say 1.8ghz. nTune monitor displays my Mem at 602mhz in the red -just as it would if I was at 2700mhz 1:1 (I've set a 1:0.8/1:0.6 divider and still have no joy) loading Clockgen just crashes the pc and reboots. I've reformatted and installed XP again -done the dual-core fix & reg edit, AMD PowerNow! installation, and all drivers. I even put back my TwinX and tried again -no joy. The only other thing I've added to this PC since the last time I tried to o/c was to replace the DFI chipset hsf with a Zalman ZM-NB47J heatsink cos it was too noisy. Idle/load temps are 27C/37C at stock (its hot here). I pushed the same settings I had previously: CPU Freq: 300 Hammer FID Control: x9 HT Freq: x3 HT Width: 16/16 PCI-E Clock: 100mhz DDR Voltage Control: 2.8v / 2.9v Chip Voltage Control: 1.7v CPU Voltage Control: 1.525v DRAM Configuration Timing Mode: Manual Memclock Mode: Limit Memclock Index Value (mhz) 200mhz CAS# Latency (tcl) 3 Min RAS# Active Time (Tras) 8 RAS# to CAS# Delay (trcd) 4 Row Precharge Time (trp) 4 Row to Row Delay (trrd) 3 Row Cycle Time (trc) 11T Row Refresh Cycle Time (trfc) 19T (everything below here is at default) I have no idea what else to do -this is really frustrating -I keep thinking I must have missed something really simple. Gurus, help plz? I'm completely stumped.
  12. unless you're really going to be running SLI -which lets face it, single-slot solutions are always much better anyway. you can always just sell your current card whenever you wanna upgrade on ebay -theres always suckers who'll pay practically the same as what you paid for it. i'd go for the Ultra-D -this SLI i have i know is gonna be unused...
  13. Hong Kong online store. Wai Fong Co. LTd stocks some interesting air/water cooling kits and as well as some silverstone/zalman/antec products. PLEASE: am looking for an international shipper to Hong Kong. desperately need to pick up g.skill / mushkin /scythe products but none are represented in HK. i've looked almost everywhere for a reseller who does not charge ridiculous international shipping rates ($80??)
  14. for something a little better than that gigabyte -you might wanna check out socket 939 biostar tforce 6100 board. dual channel ram, 939 -future-proof more so than the 754 board and with lots of great reviews. about $10 more...
  15. i have this board and havent been able to hit higher than 2.71ghz although thats probably due to my ram. whats stopping you from going for a LanParty series?> they're better for o/c it seems
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