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  1. well, my mom has an emachines computer that has a P4 LGA 775 chip in it, so i took the chip and HSF off, threw it in my machine, booted it, flashed the BIOS, and now i am good to go. thx for the help guys
  2. im goin to buy a cheap P4 ($50) to flash it i think. if it still doesnt work, ill RMA.
  3. how do i flash the bios if i cant boot the mobo... all i have is the E8400...
  4. i just got my DFI P35 motherboard today. running an E8400 and 4GB (2x2GB OCZ DDR2-800 Titanium). i am having the cold boot problem, however i have not yet gotten the board to post. it just continuously powers up, shuts down, then powers itself up again, and shuts down again. this happens continuously. i tried setting the jumpers for FSB1333 and Auto, i tried removing the mobo from the case, i tried single sticks in all 4 slots, i tried resetting the CMOS for over an hour, i tried reseating the HSF/CPU. what else can i do? do i have to RMA it? are there any settings/jumpers that i can use to reset it and get it working? TIA.
  5. maybe an IRQ conflict? (thats a total stab in the dark so feel free to disregard it) anyways, i would try removing everything except CPU, one stick of memory, floppy, one hard drive, etc. then after you get it to boot with absolute bare essentials, add things back piece by piece.
  6. my x2 3800 is doin 2.5GHz on stock voltages. its a nice chip :nod:
  7. let me add that they are awesome sticks. mine do stock timings at 1T flawlessly. havent tried OCing them yet. great buy imo.
  8. fwiw, if you check the event viewer in windows, you can usually find if there are any memory errors or OS errors that are causing the reboots. that should help narrow it down as well. glad to hear you figured out the problem though
  9. try one stick of ram in the yellow slot. if that doesnt work, try one stick in the orange slot. it should be in slot 1 or 2 if youre using one stick.
  10. for that much money, i would go with the OCZ Gold PC4000 2GB (2x1GB) kit. its the same price, with a greater potential for tight timings at PC3200 and overclocking as well.
  11. it should be under the processors tab as such: EDIT: do you mean it only shows ACPI PC? thats weird... of course im not very familiar with Windows XP MCE.
  12. when you go into task manager and the performance tab, do you see two graphs? (one for each core). if you do, then its an issue with CPUZ. if not, then windows is having issues, assuming your BIOS supports dual core cpus. if you go into device manager and go to your processor tabs, then right click on the processor and click uninstall, then it will remove your CPU and force windows to redetect it upon reboot. when you reboot, it could recognize it as a dual core cpu and show both cores.
  13. well congrats on gettin the firewall to work. never worked well for me
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