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  1. Hello, I had issue with oc crash, so I basically set bios back to normal. An interesting note is that during windows reboot (which shows safe mode boot and normal boot), if I press any key during the count down (I have logitech usb keyboard) the boot screen would freeze, but if I don't press any keys, the system would boot up. So it would appear that the OC damaged the installation partition but actually, it's just the board not too happy with usb keyboards. I basically reinstalled OS for about 6 times and just noticed this phenomenon. And yes, you are quite right, the RDX200 performs poorly compare to other chipset (hide and duck behind the couch). The stability of this board is questionable. This is my first DFI board as well and I'm totally unsatisfied. But I guess other users would just call me a loser for not tuning the board right.
  2. increase the ram voltage from 2.65 to 2.8~2.9V
  3. Just upgraded to 4400+ and the performance boost is amazing. now 3dmark05 is at 10,6xx range, truely amazing I still haven't received my new PSU, but I'm really surprised with how 3dmark05 is affected by cpu.
  4. Just ordered Silverstone ST60F, sort of betting my luck on that cross-over requirement
  5. oh, with VF700, my idle temperature is 41C and after the 100x 3dmark05 loop, the ATI Tool log shows the highest temperature was 75C Additional info: I have one 120mm on top of the card running @ 1400 rpm (vertical air flow) and another 80mm @ 800 rpm blowing the air across (horizontal) and another 80mm @ 800rpm suck the air out, still much quieter than the original ATI fan
  6. The modstream 450W was a left over from my previous rig. I'm choosing Enermax because it's manufactured in Taiwan (the best country in the world!) And yes, I'm currently poor and hungry but I have a shinny x1900xtx running in front of me! and I'm happy! The amp rating of Liberty is up to par and I also hope it would resolve my current problem
  7. Dynamic, thanks for the advice. I'm going to get a Enermax 500W liberty (very fond of modular power supply) and hopefully the low 12V rail issue can then be resolved. The chipset driver that I used is from ATI website (I installed the driver without choosing graphics component) then I used the driver that came with the CD for graphics card. Hopefully I can get a new PSU by tomorrow or this weekend. The core clock does switch to 650/1550 when entering 3D mode, I did a 100x loop with 3dmark05 @ 1280x1024 @ AA=4,AF=8 (installed Zalman VF700CU and wanted to break in the arctic silver 5) and I got a score of 7982.
  8. Hello Rithina, Yeah it is running at 1:1 and I have change tref to 2064. I'm suspecting either the PSU is not delivering enough juice to the system or the CPU is limiting the performance. It's a real shame that X1900xtx is not running at its potential.
  9. Thanks for the reply. I'm actually a bit puzzled with the result, some hardware site posted 11k+ with san dieago 3700+ and everything in stock. I guess my value ram could be the issue but I'm not sure whether it could result a 1.5 k drop. Another thing is that I noticed my 12V rail is running low (11.5V) according to SmartGuardian. How accurate is the reading from Smartguardian?
  10. Hello everyone, I'm unable to gain high score in 3dmark05 with X1900XTX (9500 max everything at default), kind of annoyed. Could someone give me a pointer on how to resolve this? Many thanks
  11. hello, I had similar issue with corsair value it appears that the ram voltage need to be set to 2.8 in order for the system to boot up, another thing is that when Windows shows the selection (safe mode, with network support etc)... DO NOT hit enter or touch your USB keyboard...
  12. Hello everyone, I have 2 PC sitting next to each other, one is MSI K8N SLI platinum with nforce giga-lan port, the other is RDX200 with Marvell Yukon giga-lan port. They are directly linked via a CAT6 cable. First of all, the best file transfer rate that I could achieve is appx. 140mbs (17.5MB/s). I tried tuning the Jumbo frame from 1500 to 4500 on the MSI board, and such setting cause the RDX200 to reboot (RDX200 at 4500 as well). My understanding is that the Jumbo frame rate need to be modified to achieve giga-bit link between the 2 PC (enlighten me if I'm wrong). Could somebody help me to achieve a near giga-lan speed? Many thanks
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