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  1. hi the factory settings for the optys are 1.35 volts for the 185 but i lowered mine to 1.30 when i run @ 3.0 and @ 2.8 i can run at 1.25 8hr orthos stable.. i thought the optys didnt like higher than 1.35 volts . here a screen shot of 2.8 @ 1.30 ive been running for a few weeks now
  2. hi guys i am thinking of getting the 9600gt from newegg http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx...N82E16814130329 but am worried about it working in my motherboard i have a DFI nf4 sli inf with a opty 185 any one know if this video card is compatible?? thanks
  3. http://smg.photobucket.com/albums/v254/tin...rent=octest.jpg here i am after the new opty 185 install.had the 4000+ stable at 3.0 but this seams a little easier. i did install windows vista ultimate so i am having a bit of trouble getting use to it . but i like the out come and all seems good .ill let the test run all night and report back
  4. thanks you guy !!!!!!!!!! this thing is frigging awesome to say the least .. once again the guys from diystreet helped me make the right choice .. thank you all
  5. thanks...now im looking forward to getting the 185 opty maybe hold off till the new amd's come out
  6. hey guys i was wondering if any one knows if this will work in my mother board http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx...N82E16819103002 and what if anything i would have to do.Im worried that it might not be recognized by the board correctly.do you think it will work?? thanks
  7. thats what i didnt know .but thanks ill do that over night and get back to you guys with screen shoots .. trhanks
  8. i think that 4000+ will do quite well just be sure to cool it proper i have a 4000 and it runs like a champ i just love it . but be sure to cool it water would be best at 3.0 but i guess you could do it on air with somthing im not real sure on that !
  9. hey guys ive been trying to get this 4000+sandy up to 3 gig stable and i think i may have gotten it how long do you guys think i should let orthos run to make sure its stable ? all the old dfi guys and the new diy guys have been very helpful in this oc and i would like to thank you all!! here are some more pics as i went when i started IMG]http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v254/tinCars/2700.jpg[/img] as i went when i got there when im here please let me know what you guys think thanks again .pont
  10. thank you ill keep trying at a x10 and see how that pans out for me ........pont
  11. ive keep it at 1:1 so i guess im doing ok >> im just lookin for the most stable settings i can find . so it really doesnt matter bout the muiltiplier than ??
  12. how stable is it ?ocdb stable? i get 3.0 with mine (4000+)BUT im at 3.4 /3.5 VOLT 1.6 (?1.6) do you mean 3..6 ?for the cpu?
  13. hey guys i am wondering if its better to lower the multiplier than increase the fsb i can do a 250 x 12 =3.00 or i can do the 300x10..right now im at 280x10 and all seams good. just need a little nudge in the right direction...........thanks pont
  14. hi guys and gals i got my new pump and rad all hooked up and running.my only prob is im not sure if its safe to plug the pump into the mb header.i have plugged in to the cpu 1 header on my dfi board. will it draw to many watts or amps or what ever is called ?? thanks for the input.pont this is the pump and the rad is dd black ice 240 http://www.dtekcustoms.com/index.asp?PageA...PROD&ProdID=188
  15. thanks ...so what your saying is i should be ok with what i want to do? the spec's for the pump are Dimensions 2.3" x 1.8" x 2.4" Voltage DC 12V Voltage Range DC 8V ~ DC 13.2V Starting Voltage DC 8V Amp 0.5 Motor Ceramic Bearing LPH 500 Max Head 2M Noise 20db MTBF 50,000 hrs Temp Range 0 ~ 60C Connector 3 pin/w signal Weight .2 LBS
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