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    raid0 trouble

    thanks a lot! that explains it, describes my problem down to last detail, i tried to fix it by unplugging all other devices, no-go, but now i know what to do on my next install of vista. im a little nervous changing too much on the hard drive config as i have the oem version, any "major" hardware changes and windows registers it as changed hardware, and could lock it down :/ thank you for going to the trouble and looking up my problem there is saints in this world :angel:
  2. d.justice

    raid0 trouble

    after some forum reading and several reboots and aborted installs, i got my nf4 dfi ultra-d up and running on nvidia raid controller after extracting the latest official nf4 mobo driver setup and moving sata and raid folder to a usb stick and adding the controllers to vista at the install screen. everything worked good, install and games/applications, system seems stabile, nowmy problem is: on post my system will only boot if vindows vista 64 dvd is in dvd drive, even if boot priority is set to harddrive and first boot device in bios is raid 0 setup, and i notice then on post screen it does not detect my raid array, only cd-roms and an another samsung harddrive, after the windows dvd is set in dvd-rom i get a messege press any key to boot from dc/dvd and some dots ....... pass over the screen my raid array is recognized and it starts to boot off raid0, stange.
  3. d.justice

    free FEAR multiplayer

    suprising move from sierra.. but this way they will get a lot of publicity,(for their upcoming expantion pack for F.E.A.R) like ID did with wolfenstein:ET i actually run an 8 player dm server from time to time, non dedicated off course, the great thing is that you can choose the port number, that way you don't have to hassle with opening ports in your router
  4. d.justice


    siden jeg ikke skjønner noe av det dere skriver så kan jeg fyre oppunder
  5. d.justice

    Call Of Juarez Demo

    oh man this demo is taxing on my system, i thougth i was able to run all games with all eyecandy turned up at normal resolutions, but boy was i wrong... :mad: i get around 7-11 fps no AA! when the sxxxt hits the fan ingame, this game looks great especially the intro, damn impressive. give it a go and see how your system fare, it's like playing 3dmark06 with the framerates you get there in the proxycon demo edit: screenshot link(be aware, contains blood) : http://www.gamershell.com/screenpop.php?id=218681
  6. d.justice

    Anyone up for a post a pic of yourself thread?

    awww what the hell, i can post mine, be aware! i can't take pictures for shxxt, i can't even figure out how to disable the damn blitz. edit: damn hard to get this image to show up lol.
  7. d.justice

    The AMD 3GHz Club

    msmolt: i wanted to double check that i was not screwing up, guess what? i did screw up LOL! but i think it's all good good now. happy had me my head in a vice for a couple of hours til i straighten things out
  8. d.justice

    The AMD 3GHz Club

  9. d.justice

    accurate cpu core temp?

    oh, did not know that, nice comparison just amazes that this program can read both cores tempratures individually, i'll watch mbm5 thread closley. thanks for hint.
  10. d.justice

    accurate cpu core temp?

    just found this temprature monitoring program, that reads tempratures off the integrated memcontroller on the chip it self, it works with dualcore cpu's so you can monitor temps in core0 and core1, now. at idle the temps migth see a bit off, but fire up prime95 and watch those temps skyrocket don't know if it was posted before, i did a search for the programname: Core Temp v0.9.0.91 and no hits. link: http://www.thecoolest.zerobrains.com/forum...topic.php?t=137 give it a shot.
  11. d.justice

    Everest Ultimate 3.50.909 Released (New Beta) 2/21/2007

    i ordered just in the nic of time for the cupon offer
  12. d.justice

    Socket 939 Discussion Thread

    i would try another vid card driver too, just to be sure, maybe the 84 series, say... 84.43 <--it's an awsome driver.
  13. d.justice

    Socket 939 Discussion Thread

    thank you at last i got some luck wit a cpu, i been plagued with bad steppings and broken memcontrolles ever since stepped up to 64 bit systems.
  14. d.justice

    Socket 939 Discussion Thread

    :confused: is my entry still not in the rigth format?
  15. d.justice

    Socket 939 Discussion Thread

    thanks thundha how does my ocdb look now?