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  1. i was having this problem... it was suprisingly caused by my dvdrw drive not working with my new setup (took it from an old one) ended buying a new one and now it works perfectly... have a go at unplugging it to see if it boots
  2. i mean if its set to 10x multi it wont boot over 2.3 ... i have to set it to auto ... which sets it to 10 anyway
  3. i get that also... its one hell of a . thing, ive been advised to try different bios versions, havent got round to it though
  4. http://www.overclockers.co.uk/acatalog/Onl...ue_OCZ_144.html if i had the money id go for OCz, very good, highly overclockable ram
  5. DDR4000 ... wow that must be like lightening ^_^
  6. a good choice would have been the Zalman CNPS9500-LED Aero Flower (Socket 939/754/478/775) CPU Cooler (HS-015-ZA) http://www.overclockers.co.uk/acatalog/Zalman_CNPS9500.jpg
  7. yer.... lol ive been told that perhaps my cpu isnt really agreeing with my motherboard, also flashing my bios to 623/3 or 623/2 and adding more vcore might work. im currently at 704/2bta
  8. yer i guess i do... if i get the job i was interviewed for today then ill buy some
  9. haha of course ... ive been oc'in for the past week... i did have 2.4 stable and tested... but then it went un stable during a 5 hour period when i was on CS:S anyway asking for suggestions helps me to try out things i havent thought of.
  10. Quite confused as to what you mean there, but the ram bit i thought might be the problem.
  11. i copied and pasted some one elses and then changed it for my own Also those settings didnt work, upping my DRAM voltage to 2.9 and my CPU VID Special Control to 110 got my cpu to 2.32... not a big step but its a step, it reboots if i go any higher
  12. well done on your clock mate, i will have a go at your settings and post my results
  13. i did at one point... it still wouldnt boot Edit: ... and yes what a stupid typo
  14. Its all in the title, i have followed the guide, these are my settings currently FSB Bus Frequency - 220 LDT/FSB Frequency Ratio - Auto CPU/FSB Frequency Ratio - 16 up 16 down Multiplier - 10x PCI eXpress - 100mhz CPU Vid Startup Value - 1.425 CPU Vid control - 1.425 CPU Vid Special Control - 104% LDT VOltage Control 1.4v Chip Set Voltage Control 1.7v DRAM Voltage Control - 2.6v DRAM Configuration Settings: DRAM Frequency Set - 180 (DRAM/FSB:1/01) Command Per Clock (CPC) - Enable CAS Latency Control (Tcl) - 3.0 RAS# to CAS# delay (Trcd) - 03 Bus Clocks Min RAS# active time (Tras) - 08 Bus Clocks Row precharge time (Trp) - 03 Bus Clocks Row Cycle time (Trc) - 17 Row refresh cyc time (Trfc) - Auto Row to Row delay (Trrd) - 03 Bus Clocks Write recovery time (Twr) - 03 Bus Clocks Write to Read delay (Twtr) - 02 Bus Clocks Read to Write delay (Trwt) - 03 Bus Clocks Refresh Period (Tref) - 3120 Write CAS Latency (Twcl) - Enabled DRAM Bank Interleave - Enabled DQS Skew Control - Auto DQS Skew Value - 0 DRAM Drive Strength - Auto DRAM Data Drive Strength - Auto Max Async Latency - Auto Read Preamble Time - Normal IdleCycle Limit - 256 Cycles Dynamic Counter - Disable R/W Queue Bypass - 16 x Bypass Max - 07 x 32 Byte Granularity - Disable(4 Bursts)
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