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  1. NewEgg has the Liberty for $175, Nitemareglitch. The San Diego looks good to me, too, Dynamic, but I'm hearing the call of the dual-cores. I want to get a Linux kernel that does symmetric multiprocessing and put it to work. The "et cetera" is at least a hard disk, a CD (DVD?) reader/writer, a floppy drive, a monitor and a keyboard, I think, to get a minimal system running. The case is already on order. It's all transparent heavy acrylic. I want something that will look good and/or interesting even to small children or, say, my parents. They can relax and watch das blinkenlights. I've learned one thing the hard way already. Don't just key a bunch of stuff you don't wanna lose directly into one of these windows! It's too easy to lose it all! Type it up off-line and then copy and paste it! Thanks, y'all! ~~Al
  2. Folks, what do you think of using the Enermax Liberty ELT620AWT modular 620-watt power supply with the LanPartyUT nF4 SLI-DR Expert? I'm just now ordering stuff for a new machine. My friends say they're tired of hearing me talk about it, I should just do it, so I'm doing it. It's gonna be Intel-free and Microsoft-free. So far I've ordered the mobo, case, fans, memory, and video. (None of it has arrived yet.) I'm skimping on the video for now (bankruptcy looms), but I don't want to skimp on the power supply. What they call "modularity" in PSUs seems to amount to detachable (substitutable?) cables, which I would like. I would also like reliability and power to spare. Thanks! I feel less lost and alone already! ~~Al
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