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  1. Hey guys. I read somwhere in this forum that you can only have 1, 2, or 4 sticks of ram in your PC and that getting 4GB of RAM to work is a real challenge. So I guess my only real option is to get 3.5 GB of ram in here... So Slot 1: 1GB stick Slot 2: 1GB stick Slot 3: 1GB stick Slot 4: 512MB stick Is there any relatively cheap brand of memory that will work this way, preferably PC4000 ram that I can run at 1T at decent timings (Cas 2 or 2.5). Thanks.
  2. New first post and sig. I made significant changes.
  3. I know my PC is stable but I wanna benchmark it as means of comparison speed wise.
  4. I just did everest again after fixing up some stuff inside my pc. Motherboard: 35c CPU: 27c North Bridge: 40c SATA HD: 23c IDE HD: 25c
  5. New sig. According to everest my mobo temps are around 40 - 45c, my hard drive temps are around 30 - 35c, and my cpu temps are around 30 - 35c idle and 45 - 50c load. Whats a good overall computer benchmarking program? Not aimed at gaming such as 3dmark.
  6. New sig -- 6386 3dmark 05 :nod:
  7. More changes: check settings and sig.
  8. I have updated my settings and my sig. Check em out.
  9. I love my OCZ. I got the 1GB kit of OCZ Platinum EL Rev2 PC3200 (2x512). But you should try to get 2GB if you plan on running newer games like F.E.A.R.
  10. After some more tweakage and fixing A LOT with my video card I got my 3dmark 05 at 6298 and my superPI at 32.703s.
  11. K I'll leave it at the 1.5 then I guess since its all working heh.
  12. So shouldn't it just be my CPU's like stock vcore? which is 1.4v I believe.
  13. Thanks for the linkage there Smefeman :-) So can anyone explain to me what the CPU VId Start-up value does?
  14. I uninstalled everest and got motherboard monitor. I did a round of 3dmark 05 tests and my CPU never went above 45c. And even then it was usually lower. My average score was 6263 3dmarks. I ran SuperPI mod and got 33.329s. I'm quite pleased so far. O BTW my setup is prime stable of course.
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