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  1. That's the place. Disable checksum offload. The checksumming will then be performed by the driver instead of by the interface hardware. For sustained 100Mbs throughput, the additional load on the CPU is not much of a hit, for sustained 1000Mbs it may be significant, but not prohibitive.
  2. As an experiment, try disabling hardware checksumming for the adapter. I have had connection issues on the nVidia adapter that were resolved by this (though I ultimately just quit using it).
  3. Is your CPU voltage set to something besides AUTO? This is part of enabling the higher DIMM voltages in addtion to the jumper setting.
  4. It's great that you have taken an interest in FX-60 support. My experience with the 11-14/FX60TEST BIOS has been: The Cool'n'Quiet in it only works with the CPU/FSB RATIO set to auto and the CNQ MAX FID set to auto. The CPU VID STARTUP VALUE must be set to auto to POST. It is likely not a -2 version, as I was only able to run 4x512 OCZ EL DDR PC-4000 Gold VX at 215 MHz instead of the 250 MHz 2-2-2-6 2T that your 704-2BTA permits.
  5. Tony, I really appreciate the response. I know that it borders on heresy in some quarters, but what I really miss with the FX-60 not being recognized is the ability to use Cool'n'Quiet. Particularly with a CPU like this, CNQ really cuts down on heat and electricity when the machine is overclocked but loafing. Jim
  6. I have had great success with the 704-2BTA BIOS. Unfortunately, it does not fully recognize the FX-60, though it is on the whole better than the 11-14 official bios. It would be super if OCZTony could include full support for the FX-60 in his modded BIOS, but in any case, I thank him for a great BIOS.
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