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    i used to get 2300 but now

    i set the sytem to optimal. that allowed me to turn the fsb to 200mhz. gives me a cpu speed of 2.3 gig and a 3dmark03 score of 6125. i knew it had to be some setting causing the issue. that even helped some issues i was having with my 3d applications.
  2. adambrewer4

    i used to get 2300 but now

    later on today when i get a chance i will try that.......then put another post up to let u know how it worked out.
  3. adambrewer4

    i used to get 2300 but now

    i only have 2 sticks of 512 at the moment. i can try it in single channel mode but i'm not sure if i want to. i don't have any sata or raid hooked up. just ide drives, agp video and the onboard usb. so i should be set to get the ultra b bios.i would be using winflash to change it and that will backup the original. it actually stopped letting me get a fsb of 200 before i upgraded the ram. i get 3dmark03 scores of 5950 right now which isn't bad. but it would be nice to get a little more performance out of it ....
  4. i used to be able to get a fsb of 400mhz. now i can't turn it up at all. the only changes i have made are i upgraded my giel value dragon ram to ocz . the giel was 2X 256. the ocz is 2X512. when i turn the fsb up i get the boot screen over and over and thats it. when i tried using cbid to turn up the fsb,.....the oc restarted.
  5. adambrewer4

    how do i get this cbid to work

    i have version 201. the only tabs are the main and cache tabs. i saw the other guys pics and he had all the tabs listed. do i need to get the newer beta version
  6. adambrewer4

    nForce2 C1/C2/C3 Cooling Patch

    i have the same problem. none of the links take me to a download. they all say errors and stuff. my pc runs at 41 c while surfing......goes upt to around 49 under load. that 10 degrees would be nice.
  7. i had 2X 512 in slots 1 and 3 and my dual channel was enabled. there is no bios option to turn it on or off. it should automatically turn on with the sticks in 1 and 3. you will want decent ram though because cheap ram will be unstable in dual channel mode.
  8. this is the first i have heard of it. i downloaded it. opened it with winrar. it tells me the cpu and cache but does not allow me to change any settings. it only gives me the specs on my cpu.
  9. i had giel value ram...........when i went to ocz my performance increased dramatically. i have my timings at 2-2-2-5. i had my fsb set to 200 and my system was stable. with the cold and the heat on i turned my fsb down but my temps were still around 40 c. i have found that cheap ram will cause many problems in pc's. my father has the lanparty nf2 with i gig of giel value ram. he has a 256 meg video card and a athlon 3200. fsb at 200 and his benchmarks lower than my pc. the only main difference is that crappy ram.