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  1. Bump for price drop $650 shipped. Should also clarify it comes with windows vista home premium full version not the upgrade. Thanks, Dan
  2. Thanks for the compliment! It really is a neat machine. I would like to sell it soon and in one piece if I could. How does $700 shipped sound? Any takers?
  3. Hi guys, I'm Dan .I've been building custom water cooled pc's for 4 years. Up for sale is my Danger Den torture Rack. I built this computer a year ago strictly for gaming with a friend. It's the coolest machine I ever built. The way the reservoir is mounted makes for effortless filling. The cooling is second to none. Made for overclocking. If you need additional pictures let me know. Here are the specs. It's about time for some new water tubing. I'll leave it the way it is so you can decide routing and color for yourself. Thanks for looking, Dan Windows vista 32 bit operating system pre-installed and you get the original cd and code. All clear panel Danger Den Torture rack case AMD Anthlon X2 2.4ghz ASUS M4A78 Motherboard, socket 940 crossfire ready Crucial Ballistix Tracer 4GB( 2 sets of 2X1GB) ASUS 8800gtx GPU WD 80GB IDE 7200 rpm ASUS CD/DVD rom sata Corsair 620w PSU Now the water cooling gear... Eheim 1260 water pump with 1/2" barbs, 120volt Black ice pro II Swiftech Apogee GT CPU water block Technofront Reservoir with float ball All 1/2" tubing Asking $800 shipped for everything. If you add it up it would cost over $1200.00 to build new.
  4. Ahh. I see now. The ram I paid big bucks for is selling for 60 bucks on ebay. I guess in my few years of computers I havent seen anything drop in price this extreme. Thanks for filling me in. Cant see anyone not going 4 gigs now. A year ago that seemed like such a expensive waste. dan
  5. What in the world happened to ddr-2 ram prices? Last year when I built my latest computer 2 gigs of ddr2 cost me 250 dollars now I see the same kit for 100 bucks? Can this be right or has something changed in the market. Is my ram basically severely outdated now. Sorry for the simplistic question I haven't really looked for ram in a year and was surprised by what I'm seeing. Dan I think this is my kit I bought. http://www.pcuniverse.com/product.asp?pid=4134858&m_id=32
  6. This is an update on this thread originally posted in august and unfinished. It is loaded with the best equipment. D5 pump d-tek cpu block 360 gt stealth rad 6 fans push pull danger den north bridge block EK Resovoir all 1/2" tygon tubing System Evga 680i 8800gts 320mb E6600 OC 3.6 1.53 v-core Crucial Ballistix 2gb 1:1 800 mhz corsair 620w psu 280mm fans 7 120mm fans SB thermalright HP-05 Results Everything in 21*C room temp Stock idle temps 24*C Stock full load 28*C Oced to [email protected] V-core Idle temps 26*C Full load dual orthos 5 hours core #0 35*C max Core#1 30*C Max. I had this same system in a thermaltake 3/8" tubing system and at 1.53 v core it was in the upper 60s temp. Its a chip that needs a good kick in the pants when you push the fsb. And of course I could keep going since its totally stable at this but Im not interested in going further at the moment. This is everything I wanted from a pc. Check out my excellent paint finish. This is done with cheap acrylic enamel and omni Urethane clear coat. Dont waste your money on anything above omni brand its just not worth it in our case. Barely notices the load I dont think I could get this thing any warmer no matter what I do. Water temp loop is always around 23*C.
  7. Also keep in mind that fans that move alot of cfm and are quiet in your hand sounds 10X louder when the air goes through a restriction. The way around this is to get a nexus or undervolt a yate loon. Or get rid of the obstruction. These are probably the quietest fans ive used. The yate loons ae probably the best value. Also the evercool aluminum ones are very quiet.
  8. Oh dont worry about it. I just wanna help cause Ive been around and around trying to make a silent pc and want him to get good advice. Jokes are fine but if you guys just posted what you did without helping this guy would go away with nothing and probably would call this forum a joke since hes new. Info+jokes=fun help:) No Info+Jokes=Jokes And to odod if you need any help ask anything ill tell you what you want to know on this subject. Ive tried just about everything spent lots of money you dont have to and know what does and dosent work.
  9. Gee glad to here that. I thought this was about helping someone quiet there pc down for there own reasons. Not pointless opinions from deaf people. Its pesonal my brothers can have mini fidges running in there rooms but I couldnt sleep with my thermaltake tsunami on when I had one. I also cant sleep with tv on. Point being forums are to help people and theres tons of people wanting a silent pc out there. So maybe theres something to it. If you guys know something why not help. These forums are not what they were a couple years ago. And questions go by unanswered alot. Also you can get some foam from mnpctech I use it in my last custom build and it works pretty good to block noise out. Check out my last case over in the mod section.
  10. Wanting a silent pc dosent mean your a sissy. It means you want to be able to sleep in your room downloading overnight with it on. From my experience building custom cases it is not possible to have a silent pc. Even watercooling requires fans and nobody makes a totally silent fan. There are ways to reduce noise. 1. Use fan grommets to cut down on vibration. 2. Undervolt the fans to run slower. 3. Cut out the fan grills cause they cause extra turbulance and increase sound. Also filters can cause more restriction and create noise as the air is pulled through it. And some fans even undervolting or using a rheostat will be noisy at slow speed. They will make a ticking sound or something like that. Your best bet is to look for a happy medium between performance and noise and find what works for you.
  11. I cant remember the exact number on this setup since I found its max about 5 months ago and one day the bios reset. Now its out on warranty. But I remember not being able to get it run prime stable no matter what i did past 3.4ghz. Anything more than that required a huge jump in v-core which gave me high temperatures. Adjusting all the other voltages your talking about didnt do a thing for me just v-core increases. Cool thing was I could run 3.4 stable at just about stock v-core. So I was happy with it. It kind of hit or miss but 3.4 seems like what alot are getting out of the e6600. I feel I am chip limited though the board would have done alot more. Oced with this setup 3DMARK06 was a touch over 12,000 points. Check out my custom case over at the case mod section.
  12. This is supposed to be a good priced 1000w psu that has gotten good reviews. It also has 1 135mm fan so it should be pretty quiet. Dan http://www.3dgameman.com/content/view/9142/103/
  13. Sorry guys dont mean to be a jack butt but this is the reality of how difficult it is to get fiberglass filler perfectly smooth. And the more reflective and shiny the worst it gets. Cause the slightest uneven surface will reflect in different directions causing the house of mirrors affect. Prepare to be dazzled.:sad: http://www.themodnation-forums.com/viewtop...er=asc&start=15
  14. Aww man I almost had a seizure trying to get the fiberglass filler perfect on the front. I repainted it like 12 times. The low spots were about totally undetectable untill they looked like a mirror. But now im satisfied. Thanks for the comments. Dan
  15. Hey fellas check out my mod here at the mod nation. Let me know what you think. If you have any question or want some more picture of something let me know. Dan http://www.themodnation-forums.com/viewtopic.php?t=1816
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