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  1. Woot!! im at 2.8ghz!!!!! 255 x 11 ldt/fsb x4 dram 05/06 166 divider i have increased the voltage to v1.55 is that safe?
  2. sorry qlr! ok the highest i have had it boot is 220 or 225mhz.... which gave me 2.4 ghz with the x11. cheers
  3. HI gir! really appreciate the reply... Just to clarify, doesnt the htt need to stay around 1000mhz? I have been using the LDT/FSB divider to keep it around that number....if it helps it did boot with a htt of 1200mhz I was using those timings as i thought it might help me push the ram up a bit.....but it has not worked. Apparantley many ppl can get 250+ on this memory.... cheers!
  4. bump! please help me push my ram beyond 225mhz.... i would love 238mhz... that would lead me to 2.9ghz territory!! woot!
  5. This is how far i have got so far.... it seems my memory wont go beyond 225mhz. I have tried voltage all the way up to 2.8 and looser timings but no go. So i have used the divider to keep it around 225. With that this is what i have so far... 2.7ghz!! seemingly stable Can i push it more?
  6. Hi all i am attempting to overclock my rig... I have 2 x 1gb of Gskill ZX memory and i wonder if you could guys could help me with some suggested settings for it to work with NF4 Expert. Cheers!!
  7. My intial attempts at OC'ing with only a bried read of the guide did not yield much success The best i got was 2420 = 220 x 11 but i had the memory down to 180 which kept my memory controlled speed at 1860 instead of 2000. Is that to slow?
  8. Hi all, i have bought my bits and had them running for two months now and i think its about time i tried to overclock. I have been really impressed with stability of the DFi board coming from an Abit/MSI background....top notch board and loads of features! So anyways... The last cpu i overclocked was a p2.....so bear with me... I tried this morning to raise the FSB or HTT whatever you call it from 200 to 240 and 220 both times it would not boot to windows....so what am i doing wrong. Many thanks!
  9. Cohort. ... i worked it out in the end...it seems that the Y connector that i had pluged in to my fan and second harddisk was not producing a good connection.... I brushed past it whilst i was inside my case and heard the harddisk click off and the familar Blue Screen of Death occured....... So i replaced this Y connector and everything is fine....i can even autoplay the XFX disc now. Many thanks!
  10. Hi cohort thanks for you reply! My XFX Extreme is the molex 4 pin one, black pcb, with 2 green dvi outputs so yea sounds just like the your describing dont know the model number i will check tho! It has crashed in games but most of the time its just does it at desk top doing nothing intensive at all...... ie when autoplaying the xfx driver disc it always crashes! So yea.....thinking about it i wonder if it is the card....mmm,...... how do i underclock it? using coolbits? Suppa-Snipa....cheers for the advice...i will do the do that....maybe put the cdrom on the ide channels removing it from the raid card. Many thanks! all!
  11. Hi all please help the MACHINE CHECK EXCEPTION occured again!! i have just ran memtest for 3 hours without any probs....no errors at all.... could my mainboard be faukty? Is there a way i can check that out?
  12. Hi thanks! Pleased im here....really impressed with the feature set of the DFI mobo...just hope i can resolve the stability issues im having! I did follow the intial build thread almost to the T without ever reading it! I think i installed my RAID card drivers first before the Nforce stuff tho.. I have updated my sig with the things you wanted to know!
  13. Hi all.... Just got all my bits for what was meant to be my new pc....i have been looking forward to having a new one for a while and im a bit upset cause things arent going smoothly. The pc is built up and is now booting intially it would not boot for some reason...and i had to take it out of the case and power it up on the workbench....but after that its worked fine. I keep getting MACHINE EXCEPTION ERRORS....everytime i put in my XFX driver disc.....does nt happen on any other disc.... its a blue screen and completley kills my pc Has anyone else been getting these errrors? cheers!
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