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  1. Well you learn something every day. PL4YD34D was right and I was wrong. It appears that 3DMark05 is VERY sensitive to RAM issues. Now I've learned that RAM bandwidth doesn't have the same significance with an A64 (read none within reason) I've changed my multiplier back to the default 11, and will increase FSB until 3DMark05 fails, then run Prime (Via SP2004) for 24 hours! Tim
  2. It is RAM and not CPU that is causing the problem (I've been overclocking my system incrementally over the last 2 weeks, CPU first then RAM), however given your experience I think it is a coding issue with 3DMark05, as everything else I've thrown at it (including DOOM3, and the counterstrike torture test) run properly. I've also tested encoding a DVD using the two pass options of both Nero 7 and Premiere Pro 1.5 and they work at the higher FSB. I need to add the third HD to my raid array in the next couple of days which will involve a Windows re-install. I'll see what happens then. Tim
  3. Sorry, I meant that it drops out when the FSB is overclocked (beyond 220 MHz). ALL the other tests run multiple loops. It is almost as if the software us at fault. It wouldn't worry me but I have a bucketload of tests submitted! Tim
  4. I'm not, it's a GTX Extreme Edition which is factory overclocked to 475/1250 - using coolbits I only managed to knock it up a couple of notches. When I first came across the problem I re-installed the driver and didn't bother with coolbits. I've only got 1 card installed at the moment. Tim
  5. Does anyone know where to measure chipset volts on the NF4 - Expert, I've found CPU and RAM already. Tim
  6. Can anyone shed any light? I can run multiple loops of 01, 03 and 06. Prime 95 for 24 hours now It consistently fails to Run 3DMark 05, it drops out at the end of the second test with windows error, but only when overclocked. Ideas? Tim
  7. Can you give us a clue as to where? I've tried searching but couldn't find it. Tim
  8. I've dropped the DRAM volts down to 2.50 and it runs prime for three hours at the same speed as at 2.80V - 265MHz. an added benefit is that the case is slightly cooler. I've also spent a couple of hours with A64 tweaker playing with the advanced memory tweaks, which I've found out are completely redundant. Memory bandwidth is truely redundant with the A64, 3DMark06 benches within 10 points with all settings maxed out and all on auto - the benches aren't consistent on my system anyway the 10 points can easily be accounted for due to background processes. I'll check tomorrow to see if I can get the extra 5MHz I need to run the CPU at its max, then I'll get on and clear the backlog of work I built this PC to speed up in the first place! Tim
  9. Thanks for the replies on measuring Vdimm. I'm going to put a Zalmann passive heatsink cooler on the chipset (the chipset fan at full speed is louder than my Panaflo H1BX at full speed!) when I take the board out of the case I'll take the voltage measurements - is it worth measuring at different states and taking an average or is the conversion factor pretty much linear? I've hooked up some custom cables and although the current on the H1BX label states .6A that is the STALL current - in use it draws about 340mA at full speed so it is more than safe to run it from the mainboard header. I run 4xYS-TECH 8025LB fans in my ATCS-110 Coolermaster case - two intake fans behind the grille in front of the 3.5inch drive bays (all unused - the Zalman HD coolers fit in the 5.25 drive bays below the DVD writer), and two exhaust fans one in the "blow-hole" and one below the power supply all hooked up to the FAN3 connector using Y-leads and in total they 300mA and are reasonably quiet even when running at full speed. (the inside of the case is lined with Akasa matting, and the fans are mounted using Akasa silicone insulators). It isn't as quiet as water cooling, but it works and is silent when at idle. Edit: I asked Antec where I could buy a second Molex to floppy power lead to connect to the board (I've got a crappy white adaptor plugged in at the moment) and they supply them FOC. Tim
  10. Xak, could you share your complete BIOS RAM page settings with us please? Then at least we'll know that we've got RAM that just isn't capable of going any faster rather than simply having a couple of parameters that are set a little too tightly. I've read Angry Games thread regarding RAM bandwidth and it makes complete sense to me. Once I've found the sweet spot I'm going to validate it myself by loosening everything up a notch to see if it makes a difference (I'm sure it won't), even though I've been building PCs since 87 (putting 16 port serial cards in 8086 based machines so they could run multi-user unix in the old days when you had to buy a licence for it, with horribly small and slow ESDI hard disk drives) I have no experience with Athlon 64 chipsets so I'm not going to argue! Tim
  11. I'm sure I've missed it and if I have can someone please point me to the relevant post but is it possible to calibrate the displayed voltages using a DMM? Tim
  12. Regarding CPU temp, the bios reports the temp incorrectly. From reading through various threads unless it is widely fluctating add a 10 degree offset to the CPU temp in MBM and it should be pretty close. If you use smartfan or smartguardian or even the BIOS to control your fan speeds remember to deduct 10 degrees from the fan temp control settings (set full on to 40 degrees instead of 50) otherwise you'll suffer from inadeqate cooling. Tim
  13. A bit off topic but the main reason I upgraded from my Athlon XP 3200 was for video editing - I've just taken delivery of a Canopus ADVC-55 Svideo -> firewire converter - the quality is fantastic! I'll list my current RAM timings next time I reboot. Tim
  14. Are you running at 1T? (Command per Clock set to enabled) and at 3-4-4-8? Are you using the Orange slots? There does seem to be a lot of inconsistency between different sticks (with handpicked sticks being sent to review sites). I'll try finding the weakest stick and then putting it in the slot closest to the CPU. What is the relationship between UCCD and TCCD memory, does anyone know? Tim
  15. I'm using Corsair 2Gb TWINX 4000 PT in the Orange slots of an Expert board. It is populated with 128 Mbit UCCC chips. Can someone give me a pointer as to which advanced RAM settings I should be using to start off with? I'm currently running memtest at 1T 3-4-4-8 265MHz, but can't get it to clock any faster (voltage 2.85 - going up to 2.9 doesn't help at all). The best CPU clock I can get (X2 4400) is 2.7GHz so I'm really hoping to get the ram up to 270MHz so I can run at 10x270. I've read through the guide, but I'm struggling as to which parameter to tweak first and in which direction. Tim
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