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  1. i was just messing with my ocz platinum ram and when i put the voltage up to 2.8 (rated for 2.6) the system posted, then rebooted and then i got a cmos checksum error, and the cmos reset itself! i was trying 3-4-4-8 2.8v @ 240mhz, is this a normal side effect of ram errors, i was pretty suprised, and annoyed to rewrite my bios settings :S
  2. im using ramsinks from my video card cooler on the pwmic chips, would AS5 help the temps on these things, and do i have to scrape the thermal tape off these things if i do use AS5? any other advice on this subject would be greatly appreciated, also would like to know what other chips i can put heatsinks on (pwmic related) thanks
  3. im priming my brand new opteron 165 right now at 2.6ghz, the PWMIC seems to have maxed at 68c, i read some threads about putting heatsinks on the little square chips between the cpu and the ide's, i only had 2 left from my thermalright v1 ultra setup, but there are 3 chips so i installed them on the top 2 of the 3... should i just get some more of these, because they are the perfect size and so easy to install, but i wasn't sure if i needed to heatsink that rectangular one higher on the board near the ram? any other places worth having the little heatsinks?
  4. as you'll see in my sig i have my cpu overclocked nicely, but when i tinker with the ram settings which i keep getting errors in prime95 because of, i gave up for now and put the ram timings voltage back to stock, but then the system wont boot windows unless i put another .05 volts to the cpu! this happened once before and after a week or so i was able to boot windows and prime stable with my original voltage! any ideas?
  5. i just realized that i did not plug in a 4 pin power connector into the middle of the motherboard by the cpu, i have my exhaust fan running on it. did i overlook something in the manual, why has my system performed perfectly without this connection? what is it for and do I need it?
  6. vcore was never raised, and i'll go check now but im sure the ram settings are default
  7. my system (athlon 3000+ 1.8) was perfectly stable at 2.55ghz...then i ventured into the ram overclocking settings, tried 250mhz on the ram with loose timings since i knew 245 was the max previously (before i found out i had a bad stick and swapped it 2 days ago), system froze up right before windows would normally boot, there's a "backup cmos" and "dmi verified" (i think dmi)... rebooted, put settings on ram to stock, system failed again! then im shocked like ok, i messed some setting somewhere that's not even letting me boot! double, tripled checked everything is as it was for a few days prior stable at 2.55 settings! so i drop the cpu down to 2.4, system boots! hour ot two into that session though it locked up when i was sleeping (i was priming), now i've dropped it down to 2.2 and i'll prime some more and see, but wow my cpu just decided have a really bad day, and now who knows if it'll ever be stable again at 2.6? disappointing and frustrating to say the least... anyone ever had a cpu do this? or maybe someone has an idea what setting i might have screwed up that it causing the problems? thanks in advance!
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