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  1. here is my contribution to this thread AMD Opteron 165 2x Leadtek 7800GT Extremein SLI DFI Lanparty UT SLI-DR Expert Sunbeamtech Nuuo 550w PSU CPU Waterblock = Danger Den TDX GPU waterblock(s) = Danger Den NV-78 SLI Pump = Danger Den D4 12v DC Rad = Black Ice Xtreme II (Dual 120mm) w/2x120mm Papst Fans Res = Danger Den dual 5.25" bay Tubing = 1/2"ID clearflex Clamps = red and white plastic clamps (local supplier ran out of white) Water/Additive = Distilled water and Swiftech HydrX
  2. What choice did you make in the poll above? Fairly Accurate Motherboard: SLI-DR Expert Mobo Revision: ? Mobo BIOS version: Big Tony CPU: 3000+ Venice @2.5 CPU ID: ? Idle Temp: 32-33 Load Temp: 38-41 Cooling: Stock Air Temps are similar to a previous mobo with the same hardware, will have a Opty 165 at the end of the week, will report back again then
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