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  1. Update: Everything is working! Solution: All the hang ups, BSoD, BioS reboots were sovled by RGone's BIOS setting tweaks as he posted earlier in the thread. Havn't had time to test with better memory, been busy rushing things out today. RAID 0 causing reboot with nVidia's.com/floppy/motherboard cd driver was solved with RGone's driver suggestion! Conclusion: This SLI DR Expert board is one heck of a board!! The tech support I received on this board is just the speediest, best, most effective & most accurate when compared with all other mother board companies I have dealt with. Thumbs Up. Thanks to everyone especially Rgone's help!
  2. updates Received official word from DFI: ----------------- Hi xxxx, DFI have try this motherboard with Kingston value memory, They say that it has problem. But they can make the motherboard working with OCZ, GEIL, Cosair memory, they also insist we have to use expensive model with heat spreaders. ------------------ I will try to explain to customers who has already placed order with this board + some kind of value ram tomorrow that this board is "the fastest best board" therefore they need to pay more $$$$ to get better RAM. (when this isn't stated on the box or manual) - it will be FUN! Not all end users who get this board is computer savy and understand this concept. With regards to OCZ Extreme Gamer with this board - it will probably be done, prob not before the following: Well new task at hand now. There is 1 order tomorrow. RAID 0. Already tried Windows XP original CD with stock floppy + nvidia.com driver + stock cd driver -- all give same result -- reboot after windows installation. how nice! Read the post about slipstreaming nVidia drivers on to the CD. :confused: :nod: :confused: :nod: JOY! We will be hiring soon if every computer we sell is going to be like this. :cool:
  3. You would be surprised how many people do actually use value ram with their Expert. If value RAM was the culprit then i have to say that it just isnt right to put someone to this much tweaking because they used value ram. If value RAM requires this kind of tweaking, it should say so on the manual/box with instructions on how to tweak. Hey and you know what? I dont even think it is the value ram. I am almost tempted to put in the OCZ extreme gamer and resetting bios to default to test it out.
  4. Well the setup has been running for about 2 hours now with no problems. We will do more testing before shipping out the systems. In short: In order to make it work, the only thing that was different from before was the BIOS settings RGone posted here: http://www.dfi-street.com/forum/showpost.p...46&postcount=24 In long: Power supply: As stated previously, I have already tried this setup with different powersupply other then Thermaltake. Also another power supply was tried at DFI distributor. The machine is working right now with Thermaltake 480W power supply. Power supply did not make any difference. Memory: Still the same 2 sticks of Kingston Value RAM is on it. I got some OCZ extreme Gamer, but I dont think there is a need to try it now. AMD x2 4400+ CPU: Initially gave no screen, but now after doing RGone's BIos settings, the CPU is now working fine. BIOS settings: Thank you RGone. You have saved the day. I have no clue exactly which of the settings you posted worked/saved the day, because just about every setting was changed from the optimal default in genie. One would figure by loading the default, the board would work with at least 1 of the 3 different brand of RAM. Just curious how would the average end user figure out the changes needed in the BIOS settings??? Am I the only one experiencing this? It just can't be. Does DFI intend for end users to go through this much of research and trial & error to get their BIOS working? We are lucky that we have great access to all kinds of hardware. It must be a nightmare for end users to be in this situation. (not that it wasn't for us) Thanks to everyone on this board. Response time is just great. This board is something other motherboard manufactuer should look into having.
  5. Yes, installing using windows XP SP2 included on the CD. I have used Western Digital SATA II drive. I have used Western Digital SATA I drive. I have used Maxtor PIDE drive. Just got out a new board, put on a AMD 64 X2 4400+ CPU. NO SCREEN. Switched it to AMD 64X2 4200+ CPU, YES SCREEN. went into BIOS, changed CAS Latency according to DFI distributor instruction, , saved and exit. rebooted NO SCREEN. settings changed: DRAM Frequency Set............................ - 200=RAM/FSB:01/01 Command Per Clock (CPC)....................... - DISABLE took out battery, jumpered the CMOS pings, BIOS reset boot up again, YES SCREEN. Changing all settings according to RGone's instruction: http://www.dfi-street.com/forum/showthread.php?t=39794 Currently installing Windows. Will update as soon as that is done. At this point, I must ask, did I get a bad batch or are these boards really this difficult? I will hold off on my full vent for after we have solved the problem.
  6. We are about to test out the board with everyone's suggestions, will post updates as it comes. but no sound cards. The setup almost always boot up no problem. Even install windows no problem mostly. But trouble starts shortly after that.
  7. Thank you thank you. No matter if these suggestions work or not, I am already very impressed with this forum.
  8. Thanks for everyone's inputs! i am leaning towards a RAM issue as well. Have a gut feeling its one of them tweaks in BIOS. I will PM Tmod for bios. True on memtest longer then 15 min, but we figured with 3 different brand ram tested to be same problem already. and these 2 sticks of kingston RAM we were using was our tester RAM. Have tried different brand PS as well at DFI distributor.
  9. Well, as stated in my post, I was able to replicate this problem in our warehouse and also at DFI distributor's warehouse. so can't be a power surge.
  10. Yes I have tried video card swap, 4 different video cards in total, 2 ATI, 2 nVidia. Yes I have tried to use just 1 stick of RAM.
  11. Here is everything I have tried: Now I have tried the following. 1. Switch out every single hard ware possible. (see signature below) 2. Tested the board on a table. (IE, naked setup, board not in case) 3. Did mem86 test. After about 15 min, it tests all fine. 4. Was able to replicate the same problem on all 3 brand new Lanparty UT NF4 SLI-DR Expert boards. 5. Went to DFI distributor Viken Electronics here, they were able to replicate the problem as well but had no solution. Even called DFI directly, but DFI said it was a memory CAS Latency issue. However, after changing CAS latency, DRAM Timing etc according to their instruction over phone, still same problem. 6. Reinstalled Windows at least 10 times using many different discs. 7. Tried RAID or no RAID, same thing. 8. Switched out SATA cables 9. all power plugs plugged in on the motherboard. (Thermaltake 680 watt power supply has every kind of plug you would need.) 10. Tried different SATA ports. 11. Tried all versions of BIOS.
  12. Anyone have any other thoughts in the mean time, pelase feel free to let me know.
  13. Thank you ExRoadie I will follow those instructions to the T and report back. PS. Is DFI motherboards really this complicated?
  14. I actually dont have any access to higher RAM at this moment. But out of 3 different brand RAM used I thougth at least one should work or at least not giving me same kind of problems.
  15. thanks for the fast reply. I am on Rogers with BT throttled by ISP. Could you tell me what does the build video explain? I am pretty sure I have properly installed windows as I do that every day. Although mostly on ASUS boards. I will email Angry_games as well now.
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