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  1. Hi, I have this problem happen every now and then, and then sometimes twice in one day. My HDD's a Maxtor SATA. Whenever it happens I open up the case unplug and then re-connect HDD data and power cables, and on reboot the problem is gone. One time I did nothing but reboot and it solved it. It's also happened in Windows causing a 'hang'. I've tried different cables but this didn't make any difference. Haven't been around here for quite a while, and was only checking in tonight to check out this very problem, as I thought there was some mention of a conflict with Maxtor HDD's here a good few months back - this wouldn't explain your problem though... then again... Seagate bought Maxtor...
  2. blobby750©

    Support for Corsair RAM

    I've been using this RAM at these settings since last Jan without poroblems
  3. blobby750©

    Good Luck to other Students!

    It's definitely a sign of getting old when one starts criticising the young'uns! Angry, although I do agree with you that the standard of general learning/knowledge amonst young people at the moment is different to when I was going to school myself, young people today are growing up in a different world. Proper syntax is important when writing in a formal context, but on a forum (like this one) I think it's OK writing how you speak. Don't I write good?
  4. I've got a Seagate IDE 120Gb hard drive that gives me - "Read error-press ctrl+alt+del to restart" at boot up. Any ideas? I've tried doin a repair install off the windows CD with just the same message. I put it in as slave, but got "file structure error" when I tried to access it in windows. On clicking properties/tools/disc scan/repair I got no response whatsoever Disc defragmenter can't read it either. Any ideas?
  5. blobby750©

    thinking of getting a 7600GT

    You've already got one (with a really simple mod)
  6. blobby750©

    ok, not DFI but thought i'd ask anyway...

    Don't know about the splash screen having it and the BIOS not seeing it but have you done auto-detect in the BIOS?
  7. I agree with martinjon666's comment. Not to take away from those that are having trouble with theirs, but I've been fortunate with my board so far...!
  8. blobby750©

    Want to move to 939

    You don't know 'til you try! Just take it slow. You'll save yourself some money toward upgrading when AM2 and the newer technology becomes available. I don't think you'll see any difference in real world terms between a mildly OC'ed 3000+ and a 3400+
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    Happy St.Patrick's day

    Though it be nearly at a close, Happy St Patricks Day!
  10. This and this (256/512Mb's only)
  11. blobby750©

    Ultra-D to SLI!

    Any of them and the epoxy aint no big deal - take your time. (I used a conductive marker)
  12. blobby750©

    Seeking Help

    That seems a pretty high idle...with only a 5°C rise under load?
  13. blobby750©

    ?Simple First OC

    I know this may not be what you wanna hear but the main thing is to read the guide (slowly if you have to) and follow the simple steps to overclocking your CPU. Print it off if you haven't got a second system. Good luck!
  14. blobby750©

    Setup Questions

    Is there a 3400+ Venice? Hey! I found one!
  15. blobby750©

    Seeking Help

    You can check the PCI-e clock in the Genie BIOS (if I remember correctly!), but I've never seen any benefit raising it to 105MHz. Have you got anything monitoring your gfx card temps?