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  1. i have the latest version of the bios, i did the AMD driver install cpu dual and optimizer, and "voila" it now shows 2 cores on the graph (task manager) everithing running smooth for now! thks guys
  2. its a winXP sp2 fresh install.. in the device manager in the processors shows 2 "dual core AMD opteron processor 180" in the task manager just shows one cpu graph, in cpuz everithing ok.. hmm im without opteron drivers what opteron drivers should i trie ?
  3. hi there, i got a DFI Lanparty SLI-DR Expert with a OPTERON 180 on WIndows Professional with Service pack 2, in windows task manager in tab performance just shows one cpu usage graphic it should appear 2. the CPU is acting like single core. I read here a few posts and tried to go /system32 delete hal.dll, copied halaacpi.dll into /system32 and renamed it to hal.dll. This procedure worked with the other guy but... the windows didnt boot Its annoing... any tip ?
  4. thks for the tips guys, i will stick with my 2gb g-skill
  5. well im not running vista, im running windows xp sp2, and i use the pc mainly for games.. thats why i was thinking upgrade for 4gb.
  6. hi there i have an LANPARTY UT NF4 SLI-DR Expert, my question is, the memory banks yellow and orange have any difference ? i have 2 dimms with 1gb each and i thiking to buy another 2 dimms with the same brand/reference/rev can i OC the 4 dimms ? im asking this because i read somewhere that just the yellow banks can be OC..
  7. because im not finding 165 opty with good stepping for sell in europe or in my country..
  8. hi there i have one opty 146 @ 2800 and few mhz and im thinking to upgrade the cpu i was thinking in a opty 170 with nice stepping for getting at least 2800mhz .. i just use this PC basicly for gaming.. but i read that the games dont get advantage of the dual.. so .. any options for this i dont want change the mobo either the ram or gfx card just money for a new cpu.. and want to see a nice diference best regards
  9. well i got 2222mhz with ram in Auto, in cpuz the ram was in 2222mhz in bios i select Max mem clock (mhz) - Auto Memory Timing - 2t LTd 4x Fsb 222 Multiplier 10x The only "Bench" i did was playing about 2h in W3 online and Cs1.6 this timings i never changed always Auto The 2 two dimms are not similar one is basic series the other is el ddr platinium the diference in Cpuz is the Cas latency .. one is 2clocks the other 2.5clocks i got the ram in slot "A" bank 1 and 2 should i put one in slot A bank 1 and the other slot B bank 1 ?.. hmm You talk about the divider in ram is it the option "Max mem clock (mhz)" ? i got there the option Auto, 200, 166, 133, 100 mhz. HITandRun "exact part number for your ram", and where i see this ? factory serial pressed on ram ? many thks for your pacience cumps
  10. here we go for the specs DFI Lanparty NF3 Ultra-D (Bios 07/11/2005) AMD Opteron 146 (CABNE 0545BPMW) Venus, Revision E4, stepping 1, Model 7, Ext Model 27 PC3200 ddr400 Dual 512MB OCZ ATI x850 xt Platinium Edition 256mb AGP8x Watercooling Alphacool in Sckt 939 PSU Blue Aspire ATX 500w 1 ATA Western Digital 60GB / 1 ATA MAXTOR 200GB 1 NEC DVD Writer / 1 NEC CDR Writer Ram Timings Cas latency 2.5 clocks Ras to Cas delay 4 clocks Ras Precharge 4 clocks Cycle time Tras 9 clocks Bank Cycle Time Trc 12 clocks Dram idle Timer 16 clocks the other OC i post here was not stable.. crash few minutes after in 3dMark the voltage of ram and cpu are default cumps
  11. Hi again With a few attempts.. and bios resets.. For now im using.. Max mem clock (mhz) - 133 Memory Timing - 2t LTd 4x Fsb 251 Multiplier 10x In CPU-z CPU Core speed 2518mhzHTT 251.8mhz MEMORY 167.9mhz FSB : DRAM cpu/15 well i not gueting this one... perhaps i should read the OCguide again.. I want to hit the 3000mhz stable.. what should i try in bios ? im not gueting that htt thing heww i just reached this litle high OC with low mhz in ram.. Continuing reading and trying btw, i dont have anything sata connected cumps
  12. Hi (hoping im posting the "saluting" in the right place) i'm new around, come here to learn more about OC and configure the best way of getting a good stable and fast settings I hope get my solutions here, for now im reading and trying to OC my Opty 146 with excelent stepping I tried last night for OC but i didnt get too much.. just reached the 2222mhz.. so low maybe im doing it wrong.. im still learning and testing, more tests for this night still so confused.. BTW Excelent site, congratz for this one and the ppl around suporting this DFI for the winner, for now im enjoying, my first time getting one cumps Ps. l8r on im posting the using procedure
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