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  1. Good luck with it. The HZ appear to be particularly picky with certain settings on a DFI board. It took me 2 weeks to get my HZ operating at their rated 250mhz speed (249 to be exact). Anything above 250 and I start getting errors.... pain in the butt!
  2. I have that exact problem. CPU-Z reports the stick's recommended settings at 3-5-5-10. I run them at 249.9 @ 3-4-4-8. I tried for 3 weeks with various settings and voltages to get them to go higher to no avail. Mine just became unstable after 255mhz. Which is really weird because they are rock solid at 250. Just seems like sharp drop. I'd love to use the next divider and get them to 270 but that doesn't look possible w/ my HZ.
  3. I lost 10-12 under load from removing my IHS. But I'm sure mine had bad contact, so that's probably not typical.
  4. While the discussed max temps supposedly are near 60c, my stability is severely decreased once my chipset temps go over 50 degrees. If it stays under 50 I can dual prime for 24+ hours. If it goes above 50 dual prime fails usually in 2-4 hours. Needless to say I ordered Evercool and plan on swapping it out as soon as I get it.
  5. No, and I am a complete idiot. Ignore this post and I hope I didn't waste too much time of readers.
  6. Ok, after some initial temperature problems I think I have my system stable. I've had a stable system using the following tests: Dual Prime: Using all 3 tests. Small FTT, Blend, and Custom (with each Prime set to use ½ my available ram). Dual Prime + OCCT Dual Prime + OCCT + SuperPi Single Prime + OCCT + Super Pi Dual Prime + OCCT + SysTool 1.0 Stability test (dual instances checkmark set to ON) Memtest All of these tests have passed for at least 12-16 hours. When Dual Priming each Prime was set correctly to use a different CPU affinity. Memtest was run for 24 hours. My config is my signature. So, my question is why does Dual SuperPi fail? Through task manager I set each to a different affinity. I haven’t noticed a pattern of a single core failing. Max Load temps are: CPU 40c, PWMIC 50c, NF4 Chipset: 43c.
  7. Thanks for the info. Although, I'm a little confused. Did he install the fans blowing into the radiator or away from it? Here's a pic: The Green Area is the radiator. The Blue Area is the standard fans that come with the unit. The Red Area is possible new fans I could install. Should the Red Fans be blowing up or down?
  8. I took off the IHS tonight after about 15 minutes of careful work. It must have be on really horribly because I'm getting much better temperatures. Same specs, same tests (dual prime + OCCT) and I'm not hitting above 42c. Before I'd be at 50 almost instantly (and eventually it would get to 53c). Now, it takes a solid minute to make it's way from 26c to 42c when under full load. Now, granted this is only for about 15 minutes prime. I'll let it run for the rest of the nite and update this post. I still have some work to do. The washers need to be sanded down more since the CPU Block isn't on tight enough - I can relatively easily move it. Update: part of the problem could also be that I used TOO much AS paste.
  9. lol, i'm not even above buying another radiator and pump and just running two of them in the case. Tonight I'm going to remove the IHS on the cpu and see how that helps things. After that I'll research a new cpu block + larger hoses. Then, if I'm still not satisfied, I'll try a dual radiator + pump solution.
  10. Could I just buy convertors and just change the hosing to 1/2"? It will be able to hold more water that way. But i'm not sure if the pump will like that. I might also place a fan near the radiator to dissipate the heat. I really don't want to change the case - spent too much money to do that. If I put a fan near the radiator should I have it blowing air at it or away from it (like a cpu heatsink)?
  11. I have a dual-core Opteron 165 running at ~2504Mhz. Under full load (dual Prime + OCCT) mbm reports temps around 52-55c. Is that too high? I'm running a Koolance PC3-426BK watercooling rig with a Koolance CPU-300-H06 CPU block. The cpu voltage is at 112 percent on a DFI Expert mobo. The temps I'm getting seem high for the voltage. Should I reseat the block using newer thermal paste? Or is that typical for the range. It just seems that everyone is running these cpu's in the 2.6 - 2.7 range w/ the amount of voltage I am using and they are getting lower temperatures. I'm kinda stuck with the case, but I wouldn't be above investing in a better CPU block if one exists that fits the hosing (1.4"). Suggestions? Opinions? Am I being retarded? BTW, thanks to everyone here at DFI-Street and xtremesystems.org. Without your guides I wouldn't be able to do anything. I've been a lurker here for a while and usually browse at least an hour a day at work since i've gotten my system so I can learn as much as possible and tweak it.
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