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  1. ok put my old ram in this morning. booted up fine no problems at all. Reckon its the ram playing up for some reason?
  2. I now have this problem to with my Gskill HZ 2gb It will boot the first time but if the computer is turned off it won't boot at all. if i go into bios after resetting cmos it will not boot after leaving what ever i do. really need help. comps been working for months but changing the ram it doesn't work
  3. i have tried resetting the cmos for max 3-4 minutes and also took out the battery then goin gout for tea not over night yet lol Where are exroadies recomendations? i have tried all the recommendations that have been posted so far and nothing has seemed to work. I updated my bios last nightto see if that would work and that also did not work
  4. OK i did the hwole resetting cmos again and took the battery out as well still nop luck has anyone got any ideas?
  5. even if i go into bios after i cleared it and just come out it won't boot. and i have also tried setting everything to its run speed it still doesn't do anything! this is starting to frustrate me. sure i can run everything for hours as long as i never turn off my comp! Edit 1 Nope tryed that setting everyuthing to auto then to stock values then i left at stock values and ran dividers then i ran them at less timings that stock. whats going on?
  6. Ok tried doing all resetting cmos and stuff again with the right pins. Still only works the first time if you switch off i come out of the bios it won't boot again
  7. Hi just swapped out my old deil one 1Gb for some G skill 2 Gb RAm. Went to clear the CMOS and realised that it was already set on what the manueal said was the clear CMOS position. After swapping it over for 10 seconds (i assumed it was right) It booted to the boot screen and said press F1 to continue or del to enter setup. entered setup loaded optimised settings and it wouldn't boot from then on. I restted CMOS again, and again it would post but on loading optimised settings no boot. So i thought maybe the Jumper position was just set wrong when i got my mobo and tried it the other way around again after loading optimised settngs it does not boot. So the last time i did this i just pressed F1. Loads into windows. CPU Z sees my RAM but has my San diago 4000+ running at 2300Mhz instead of 2400Mhz. If i switch off i have to reset the CMOS again and press F1 to get into windows. So two questions really what the hell is wrong with this. And for a Lan party SLI-DR is the normal position the top 2 pins or the bottom 2 pins? Also i first ran my geail memory in the red slots but have my 2Gb in the yellow slots. Is that a problem? Do i need to update bios to run 2Gb?
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