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  1. You might want to consider something in New England. It would be a easier first step for your family and not as drastic a change as somewhere in the deep south (unless of course a drastic change is what you really need). Connecticut is a really nice place for a kid to grow up and you won't be too far away from your family. It's just a few hours driving distance from NYC, but you'd never know it. Just stay away from Fairfield county - it is just too expensive there. The southwest is really nice and from my own expereince, its easygoing culture is more compatible than the South for a yankee from the Northeast. Good luck with the move and here's hoping that you can do it soon!
  2. You should be fine unless you go SLI or add a few more HDDs, etc.
  3. You wont find it in BIOS...it runs in windows ftp://ftp2.ocbase.com/ocbase3/OpenBeta/OCCTv0.91.exe -or- http://www.short-media.com/download.php?d=456
  4. Is there a real fix for this or are there just these workarounds?
  5. My 2 cents. It's recommended to run memtest on the sticks individially then together in dual channel. In practice, many people run the memtest on one, then add the 2nd. If no problems, then you're good to go. I run all tests for 8 hrs. when I do a new build. Do Prime last - this is the most strenuous test. Good luck with the build!
  6. I belive what you are talking about is the 'cold boot' issue, expereicned by some here. Try cycling power from the PSU itself. Once the RAM light comes on again, you can boot as normal. I started experiencing this only recently as well, with my rig running smoothly for over 8 months. I understand that installing a capacitor in line for the FRONT power switch solves this particular issue, though haven't tried it myself.
  7. If you can't get into BIOS, try a CMOS clear.
  8. Did you follow the build guide? (link below in my sig) memtested? all 4 power connectors plugged in?
  9. Pure speculation...but DFI might have a relationship with Marvell and is contractually bound to use their chipsets for x number of years or mobos. When nvidia had an integrated LAN chipset in the nf4, DFI just added both. Am I right? Anyone?
  10. Also check out the guide I added to my sig. This was what I (and many others) have used to get everything up and running. Don't skip any steps, or you'll be sorry when you have to start troubleshooting. Note that it could be a PSU problem, but try memtest first
  11. I use the marvell. No particular reason though. same speed, etc
  12. I've been happy with the Evercool VC-RE. Quiet and dropped my temps a few degrees.
  13. Check out the pics on the 2nd post of this thread to verify. http://www.dfi-street.com/forum/showthread.php?t=60145 once you have done this, make sure you run memtest for a few hrs minimum. Most new build issues are due to memory errors.
  14. If you have a floppy, you might need to get a splitter (y cable) to make both connections. You must make the connection to the mobo AND NOW BACK TO THE ORIGINAL THREAD...
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