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  1. that's the same stepping that I have, and it's a good one!
  2. another link that may help you out http://www.xtremesystems.org/forums/showthread.php?t=75199
  3. I agree, uninstall your current drivers, reboot, run drivercleaner pro, reboot, install new drivers
  4. thread updated, prices lowered and bump! ask for pics of something if you want them
  5. ttt, make an offer and I'll consider!
  6. thanks for the offer, but I think at this point I want either an ATI X1xxx series or an Nvidia 79xx series... or I'll wait for DX10 to come put and upgrade my main rig and put my 7900GT in my HTPC.
  7. bump, make an offer if you're interested in something
  8. I have several items for sale in my cleanup/get rid of spare parts sale. All prices include shipping to ConUS. I accept paypal and money orders. I will consider all reasonable offers, and let me know if you want pictures of anything! ITEMS FOR SALE: Computer Hardware: 1. Creative Live Drive IR. That is right, this is the 5/14" drive bay upgrade for a Creative LIVE sound card. It works and comes with the remote. You can use this to make your Creative LIVE sound card a Platinum version, or I have heard it is possible to get this front panel to work with the Audigy2 series and maybe even the X-fi Creative sound cards. Asking $20 now $16 2. Logitech Cordless MX Duo wireless mouse and keyboard. This is a great setup and is in excellent condition. New it was something like $90 or $100 if I recall. it's been used for a couple years, but is still in great shape and I have the original box still. Asking $25 Games 1. Starwars Battlefront II. Mint condition. this game will come with everything it originally came with. I don't have a joystick so the flying levels just aren't fun for me. Asking $15 shipped 2. FIFA Soccer 2003 for PS2. great shape, comes with manual and original case. the case does have a small crack. Asking $8 now $6 3. NHL Faceoff 2003 for PS2. great shape, comes with manual and original case. Asking $8 now $6 4. Star Wars Bounty Hunter for Gamecube. comes with original case and disc. Asking $12 now $8 5. Agressive Inline Skating for Gamecube. Comes with case and manual. Asking $6 now $5 6. Evil Dead: A Fistful of Boomstick for XBox. Comes with original case and manual. Asking $8 now $5 7. Metal of Honor: Underground for PS. comes with original case and manual. Asking $8 now $5 8. Parasite Eve for PS. comes with original case. Asking $12 now $8 9. Gran Turismo for PS. comes with original case and manual. Asking $12 now $6 10. The Sims2 Family Fun Stuff expansion pack. Adds lots of fun objects to Sims2. I got it for my wife and she hasn't been playing the Sims2 that often anymore so it has sat unopened ever since. It was originally $20 and is still in the shrinkwrap. Asking $16 (we also have the Sims and the Sims2 with expansion packs for both so if anyone is interested I can check if she wants to sell) Misc. things 1.Custom SPC mini-RCA 4 foot cable. Uses high quality Neurik connectors and is sleeved with carbon colored techflex over blue and yellow hand braided SPC (silver plated copper) with Kapton insulation. Asking $30 shipped 2. Pioneer DEH-7000R CD headunit. This is a great unit for your car. It has stopped ejecting discs, and instead of fixing it I chose to replace it. The unit is fully functional, except the eject discs feature. It has the flip down face, so the problem is not with the motor but rather with a switch that can be fixed. New this headunit was over $400 Will come with a wire harnes for Chrysler and the original remote. The faceplate was replaced recently and is in mint condition. even though it works, I'm going to say sold as-is because if you want to use it for CD's you'll need to get the switch fixed Asking $100 shipped 3. Pioneer CD-R600 remote. I bought this remote to use with my 7000R headunit. It shows signs of wear, but works perfectly. Asking $15 shipped 4. Pioneer CD-RB10 Aux input adapter. Use this to connect RCA input to the Pioneer IP bus on your headunit. I used it to connect my mp3 player to my 7000R. has great sound quality. Asking $20 shipped 5. DEH Python 450HF Remote Start. I recently upgraded the alarm/remote start on my car so I have my old unit. Its a few years old, but still very good. I have 2 remotes that not only start your car but lock/unlock doors and arm/disarm the alarm when properly configured. You would probably need to get it installed and add a key module, but everything else I have, including the manual. I looked on ebay and replacement remotes go for $30 each so I'm going to ask $75 for the unit with 2 remotes. Headphones 1. Philips SBC HL130 headphones. These are great portable headphones as they fold up and are very portable. In new condition Asking $8 now $6 2. Audio-Technica ATH-FC7 portable headphones. These fold up for portability, but they still over full-sized sound and good isolation. These cans are very fun to listen to and are great with popular music and rock. They are not as detailed as some of the Senn cans I own, but they are definately more fun to listen to. Where Senn's have more of a laid back sound, these have a more agressive in your face, front row sound. of the portable cans I am selling these are probably my favorite. Not, quite as portable, but definately the most fun to listen to. They also have deep powerful bass from the large 30mm drivers (huge for portable cans) yet they are still light and feel good on my head. They also sit nicely around your neck when not in use. These are in new condition and will ship in the original packaging. they were originally $60 Asking $45 now $38 3. Sony Wireless hi-fi headphones. Model # MDR-RF945R. these are in very good condition with very little use time. The battery life originally was 20 hours, and I don't doubt that the battery still lasts a very long time as they have never died on me, ever! They have a volume control right on the headphones they use 900Mhz RF technology and have about a 150 ft range. I can listen to my tv shows, video or music while I'm in the kitchen preparing snacks or whatever. these have standard RCA inputs and I think a mini in as well but I can't remember for sure. These retailed for $200 Asking $70 now $60 ITEMS I AM WILLING TO TRADE FOR: 1. Grado Headphones, must be in like new condition Looking for anything SR-60 to SR-225, or maybe some MS1's Found 2. 2gb DDR RAM Found 3. pcie gfx card better than a 6600GT ITEMS SOLD - Sony MDR-CD60 headphones. I bought these new several years ago and have babied they since. new they were $30. Asking $10 sold to thefabe - Whistler 1790SE 30th Anniversary Edition Radar Detector. I am the original owner of this radar detector and it has kept me from getting a single ticket through all my cross-country trecks. (I am from SD and go to school in NY, but since getting married I now live in NY and have no need for the long road trips) I don't find myself using this anymore so I hope it'll keep someone else free of tickets New it was something like $300. Asking $75 Sold on overclock.net - Guild Wars. Mint condition, this game will come with everything it originally came with. This is probably my favorite game, but like BF2 I can't play anymore because of connection issues with my internet. I have 2 lvl 20 characters, one a necro/monk (I think) and the other a monk/elementalist (healing monk and fire ele) The monk is at sorrows furnace. You can change the account email and password once you get the game. Asking $60 for game and account Sold on oc.net - Cardas HPI 6" mini-mini cable. I bought this cable last month from TTVJ for $20 plus shipping to use with my Creative Zen micro and LDM+ headphone amp. this is a great cable, but since I've gotten into the realm of DIY I've made myself a 4" mini-mini cable and no longer need this one. Both ends are terminated in right angle gold-plated plugs. Asking $20 shipped Sold on head-fi - Sennheiser PMX200. these are great portable street style headphones that go around the back of your head. They are comfortable and offer a good amount of isolation. Very good detail and sound quality. I think I have the original package somewhere. I bought these new several months ago for $50 and do not use them much. Like new condition Asking $30 now $25 Sold on head-fi - DD blue Fillport 1/2" barbs. Asking $10 now $8 Sold to DuckieHo - Cardas 2 meter (6 foot) mini-mini cable. I bought this cable last month from TTVJ for $30 plus shipping to use with my computer and LDM+ headphone amp. this is the best cable you'll get for the money. I have since built a desktop PIMETA headphone amp and I put RCA inputs on it so I've got a mini-RCA interconnect for it now. Asking $30 shipped. now $26 Sold on Head-fi
  9. this thread and several others list other programs that you can use....
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