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  1. Ok, so I just bought a brand new Seagate 300gb SATA 16mb of Cache hardrive. I plug it in and my mobo doesnt detect it at all. I try every SATA port, and nutthin. DO u guys think it is a faulty harddrive?
  2. ok. so ima try it out see if it is "better" if not ill stick with xp pro,
  3. OK, i have looked around online and found x64 i was thinking if i should buy it and install it or should i just keep Windows XP Pro. Wut do u guys think.
  4. Ok my comp is so annoying. When i leave my comp off and i turn it on when i get home from school it tries to load windows and then turns off it does this for about 10 minutes then it finnaly boots. Also it says Windows did not satrt normally so i press Start windows normally. Any ideas on what is wrong?
  5. well the thing is my hardrive is not SATA its ATA
  6. Hey this Maxtor drive is really gay it doesnt work i have to restart my comp about 10-15 times just to get it to work. So im going to buy a new one any suggestions on what kind of hardrive i should get?
  7. did u run memtes86 before u installed the os? have u tried any of the stability testing? like prime95 and OCCT
  8. Well the onboard sound is not that great maybe it became unseated check it.
  9. I was wondering does virtual Ram work like regular RAM. I just put 5000MB on another computer and it runs a little faster but it is still slow. Has anyone evre tried this?
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