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  1. Get this guys. I upgraded to the Expert board from the LP NF4 SLI-D. I didnt reinstall windows, however, I had to reinstall the X-Fi drivers, (different IRQ I guess). It came with the 11/2 bios, scared to update to the december ones. Under my water, running 250X12. No problems yet!!!
  2. I sure hope I dont have these problems. I ordered the expert last night from newegg in hopes to be more stable than my SLI-D. If this is the case I may send it back before even opening it.
  3. Note to all. The FX-60 is now working on my vapo, fianlly, had to use the 704-2bta bios.
  4. In my case it did. Go figure LOL. Better silicon maybe.
  5. Angry did some tests, and I have found the same myself last night. My FX60 @ almost same speed as my 4200+ whipped it, [email protected] 310X10 ram @ ddr500 3-4-3-8, lost to the FX @ 200X15 [email protected] DDR400 2-3-2-5
  6. Sounds more like he passed the ram test @ 2Leds, wouldnt that mean video? If i am not mistaken, doesnt it go from 4 lit to none? If so Ram was detected. 4= System boot, 3= Cpu detected, 2=dram detected, 1=Vga detected. Please correct me if I am wrong
  7. I agree. CPU speed is king. I Now have an FX-60, on water running 200X15 with pdp 2-3-2-5 and its better than mushkin 3-4-3-8(ddr500) 250X12. I even had my 4200+ @ 3010,ram @ ddr 500(166 divider). My FX broke all my current #dMark records. And see the 4200 is higher clock, so memory bandwith isnt everthing. The 4200 was on Vapo.
  8. This is the X2 4800+ CCB2E 0536WPMW. I baught for my vapochill in hopes to overclock to the 3.2 gig territory. Well it's coldbugged!! I did have it @ 2750 on stock air,stock vcore. Hit 3000mhz on water. My understanding is this stepping is good on air and water, but not phase for sure. 2Weeks old, asking $550 shipped to US ground or USPS . Any faster shipping, you have to pay the difference. NOT SELLING!!!! Got it to work, running 3400Mhz FX-60 CCB2E 0536 SPMW. .
  9. Would this happen to help the constant reboot problem I'm having. It ran fine for a bit, then bugged on me. I tried diff ram modules, diff slots. I am on phase(Vapochill). It either a cold bug, or sucky bios. I am using the 11/14 bios off DFI downloads. Put my 4200+ back in didnt work on first boot, but after a couple resets, is working now. I really would like to get this working. I hope it's not a cold bug issue, and just a bios one.
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