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  1. HI. I'm just wondering if it's easy to connect an extra power supply into my case and having it powering up both at the same time. Can this be achieved by simply connecting the wires at the on/off switch on the case, hijacking on the wires of the existing PSU? Does it make any sense? Anything else I should be concerned with? Have you done this? Thanks for your time. Stef.
  2. Hi a lot of users can save and post their blue Bios screen . I would like to know how to do that... Can you please help? thanks for you time stef.
  3. Hi. In order to OC (an opteron 165) is there a rule of thumb regarding the FSU buss Frequency and the DDR frequency? Thank you - one more question; how do you capture and save a Bios screen? Stef
  4. thank you guys I ordered a chipset fan... stef.
  5. psu...it's all there from Angry_Games http://www.dfi-street.com/forum/showpost.p...22&postcount=34
  6. Hi. I will OC my Ultra-D pretty soon. I bough a bigger fan... But what about the chipset fan, should I change it for a better one? if so, what's a good choice? Do I really need to? Angrygames made a tutorial where he shows how to change the thermal paste on the chipset for the better one, artic 5... does that means the fan is good enough for an easy OC ? TIA stef
  7. yap... sorry I didn't search before.... http://techreport.com/reviews/2005q4/zalma...00/index.x?pg=3 stef
  8. Hi. I have the change of getting a cheap zalman CNPS9500 and I was wondering if it will fit on my mobo? My video card in on the first pci-E slot and my memory sticks are very close to the cpu also... anyone using this cooler on a nF4 Ultra-D ? what do you think of this cooler? the good, the bad ??? stef
  9. @ tmod. I now got new bios, thanks also , since on my pc window takes 3.5 minutes to boot , or some programs anyway (window explorer, google,.. ) I figured there is something wrong also. I hear my HD searching for someting inthere , and I would like to run your drive utility but when I click seagate utility... first it analyse my system , then prompt next. the I see this: my computer - motherbord primary/sec IDE controller - unknown controller - 250 Gb bios drive 0x80 sn: n/a -other seagate drive - 250 gb st 3250823as sn:...... the problem is I rearch the HD with the tab, but then I can't do anythig else. pressing "i" wont do nothing. also the window select tests always stays gray? i can't go nowhere.. what to do iyo? stef.
  10. Oops...I feel even dumber now...didn't think it could be possible.... Just so I don't make another stupid mistake... In your post #1 I didn't see a bios for especially the Lanparty UT nF4 Ultra-D, should I look for bios in [5] DF1 NF4 Lanparty Bios ? And also what Bios do you recommend for my setup? (Or the most commonly used) Thanks again Stef.
  11. Hi . can you please tell me what program I need to view and use your program. I did what you said and used winrar to make it into a .iso, then burned it on nero 7, but when I put it in my cd drive it asks me what program to use and gives me choices: 1-copy pictures to a folder, 2- view a slide show of the images ,3- print the pictures, 4- open folder to view files usint window explorer 5- take no action ?? what's missing? what to do ? what did I do wrong? TIA stef.
  12. can someone please explain how can I play this vidoe in slow motion ? I'm using WMP and can't seem to find anything to slow it down.... it's scary fast for me...... thanks to you stef.
  13. Hi. LG rewritable cd drive, master on secondary IDE LG rewritable dvd drive , master on Primary IDE it seems I'm having issues with my drives... and half the time, one drive refuses to start they are both reconized in my hardware device manager and in the bios ( should I check anything else in the bios in order to make them work? ) for instance the cd reader doesn't read a game cd that came with my sapphire video card, only the dvd will boot it everyting is good in the device manager, no yellow ? any idea what the problem might be? TIA stef.
  14. Hi guys. Just wanting to say THANKS to all of you for your help. everything I had done was right...I just made the stupid mistake of using window xp miltilanguage user interface disk 1 for the OS disk !!! now the PC is running good and I will start studying OC.... best to you stef
  15. HO well. I guess it won't happen..... I tried a lot of different settings to make my memory sticks pass the Memtest #5, but they would fail in dual mode every time... but I was able to pass tests with both sticks in single mode So I tried to install window, ....and always the same error message boot failure, insert system disk... I tried everything that I could image to fix this...first boot from 2 differents cd, boot from vdv . different cables, different IDE slots, put back default bios the cmos reads my Harddrive and my dvd ,but still I can't load window... one more question before I call the tech ( no really it's before I cry....) I will put back once again the default bios just to be sure...., and I will put fist boot to cd, disable all others, is there anythig else I have to change in the bios in order to load window? ( for instance, I was told that with some MOBO, one has to disable the IDE channel 0 when using sata HD...didn't work for me...) right now the only things in the pc is the hard drive sata ( no jumper on the HD ) and the dvd (Master) and they are being read by the bios.. is there anything else that has to be done in the bios for loading window? :confused: Going to bed now.... stef
  16. @ lowsidr well I had to clip a 4 pin adapter next to the 20 pins, but it was recommended to me on ADM forum, (or maybe here) I know it's border line for OC.... this is the one I have: http://www.antec.com/us/productDetails.php?ProdID=26450 stef
  17. Ok guys.. back home now... I will boost the voltage to 2.7 and run Memtest 5 and see what happen.... @ Lowboy Quote: " Did you have vdimm at 2.7 and they got that hot. You did not set dram freq to 260 did ya ,you left it at 200 " Yes I had the voltage to 2.7 and they got that hot.... I set the dram at 200, but the ram/fsb wasn't 1/1...I dont' remembre what it was...., more like 1/1.0? @Samurai Nightli My Plextor is now on its own ,at the end of the IDE cable, and with the jumper to Master... @MACK, I won't OC now , but I sure will later when I'm good enough. just trying to pass memtest and install window for now.... Thanks guys, will keep you posted
  18. @ boatasiaus, @ or everyone Please... No It failled the test... the monitor went black... the Memory sticks were so hot I couldn't leave my fingers on them.... what if I don't change so many settings at once.... boatasiaus stated: " If you have failures, try upping VDIMM by 0.1 (no more than say DRAM volt 2.8 tho) and retest. If still fails, leave in 1 stick in orange farthest from CPU only, then retest. If ok swap sticks, keeping 1 stick in orange farthest from CPU" I didn't see VDIMM in the Genie BIOS... how to do this? is it the "Dram Voltage Control" that I should move up ? or I also have to move up elsewhere... stef.
  19. OK I will try your settings now... One thing I should say is I have 2 PCs and only 1 monitor, so I switch form the working PC to visit you guy and back to my being built PC without turnig off anything.. it works good but maybe this is the source of the memory errors...?? will be back soon hopefylly stef. stef.
  20. @ lowboy. this is a lot of info for me... I believe my FSB is 200, I'm not OC should I copy your Dram configuration settings? stef.
  21. @ lowboy. I won't cut corners.... but you guys need to stick with me on this.... the Memtest in on now at default I now have 2 errors test 4 , pass 3 , errors 2.... even though I don't understand much of what I'm doing, I love this stuff.... hope it's easy to configure Memtest to do test 5.... stef.
  22. ok I will wait for the 5 pass, I'm now at pass 2 but Lowboy said 20 pass of #5... If I complete 5 pass, will I have completed 20 pass of #5? or should I be on the look out for 20 pass or #5? there is no count of those... stef.
  23. @ lowboy so far so good I believe... Walltime 1:00:00 cahed 1023 revdmen 276 Memmap e820-std cache 0 ecc off test std pass 2 errors 0 ok presumably it will be fine..... ( or is it likely things could change without warning? ) should I quit doing the test now and move on to what urzrkymn said, and go back to the test after I succesfully installed window? stef
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