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  1. A typo - 2.6ghz on air. And at stock volts. If in this case the CPU had died I would have felt fully vindicated accusing DFI or AMD, when I blow shít up myself I am also big enough to hold my hand up! Inqui
  2. Problem solved...re-seated CPU and she boots fine. V strange tho as this is a desktop PC that does not move......anywhere. Thank god, Anyways
  3. Hi, X2 4400+ NF4 Expert Mobo 2x256MB Twinmoss PC4000 (In temporary while awaiting delivery of 2x1GB G.Skill, after selling existing 4x512MB G.Skill) 36GB Raptor as boot drive Went to work this morning comp works fine. Come home, wiggle the mouse to wake the rig up and nothing. All 4 Diagnostic LEDS on the Motherboard remain lit. All fans spin up (GPU, NB, CPU etc ) Heatpipes on CPU Stock HS do not warm up (another bad sign) The manual is not uberclear on this, but I am guessing that it's not detecting the CPU........ Which is v bad. Has an Expert eaten another CPU? All settings were stock as I was waiting for my new case to install my Watercooling gear and seriously OC the beast. Had pushed it to 3.6ghz stable on air previously to test it out, but had been running stock for past 3 weeks. First can someone pls confirm that all 4 LEDS lit indeed means no CPU detected? Second, any ideas? Third what hope have I got of RMA'ing the CPU to AMD, or getting DFI to cough up for a new chip if indeed it has fried my CPU? I was running the latest official BIOS flashed on 3-4 weeks ago. (can't remember the number and cant fecking check) All help and suggestions greatly received Inqui
  4. What to choose? looking at the following http://www.pc-memory-upgrade.co.uk/n...00-2gb-kit.asp http://www.overclockers.co.uk/acatal...th_Series.html (2nd one down) http://www.overclockers.co.uk/acatalog/Mushkin.html (Top one) or the crucial ballistix 2 x 1GB kits that they have mysteriously withdrawn from the market amid lots of failure stories........tho the fact that they have the best results is unquestioned. Basic requirements - To achieve fairly tight 1T timings at or around 250FSB Kit - DFI Lanparty Expert 4400+ Anyone tried the G.Skill? I had great success with the LE series I had until recently. My bro has the Crucial Ballistix, but we had no luck getting it to run at 250 using 1T timings!!! Thoughts please, Inqui PS tried 4 x 512MB but it was a failure.
  5. OK Story so far ) Can get to 2.6ghz 32M Superpi stable temps Max 42C with stock cooling, and stock Vcore. Seems pretty rock solid, but I won't have time to Prime it overnight til I go to bed. This is accomplished most productively with an FSB (I know HT, but some of my old intel ways I cling to :-) of 290 running my G.Skill LE at 2.5-3-3-7 using the settings provided by G.Skill tech support over on the Xtremesystems forum. So FSB 290 Vcore Stock VDimm 2.7 (Stock) 2.5-3-3-6 1T Idle Temps 38C Dual Prime temps 48C Multi x9 HTT Multi X3 Pushing on from here is tough...I got it to boot at 2.7 and Vcore 1.5V but temps get too high for my liking. Am putting a dual rad system in the stacker I am picking up next week, so should be able to push on once I get the temps under control. Very impressed with both the board and the chip, and most of all the quality of the knowledge stored on this site. How does upping the chipset Volts etc affect stability? Thanks, Inqui
  6. Just moved from the Darkside (Intel) ) 4400+ Toledo Core DFI Lanparty Expert G.Skill LE A few OC questions, from reading the threads this is what I have come to assume. Acceptable CPU Temps? low 50's max with 2 Prime95 Running? Acceptable VCore? up to 1.6V as long as temps ok? Mem timings? Force 1T and 2.5-3-3-7 works fine up to an FSB of 290 in my old intel rig, can I just leave all the other mem settings alone until I learn what they are about? so just ajust it to 1T 2.5-3-3-7 (or whatever works stable) Thanks a mil Inqui
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