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  1. 2 years later a strange problem occurs with my machine. After a normal shutdown it won't start as usual. The start seems kinda OK by the sound and looks of LEDs, but it won't start up. After a few shutdowns I can see two different modes of the LEDs: 1) The power LED is active (as normal), with no HDD-LED activity. 2) The HDD LED is active constantly with no power LED. I'm thinking something could be wrong with the RAM and I remove the 2nd stick, startup is normal. Swapping the memory gives the same result, so it seems nothing is wrong with the memory. I've also tried the "yellow" DDR-slots with the same result. Most likely it will be hard to RMA the board 2 years later, so it seems I might have to live with 1 GB less of memory. But if someone have any ideas of what might be wrong or possible solutions I will be very thankful. Cheers / Gand
  2. Thanks guys for your replies Is there a good way of knowing the stripesize I should choose?
  3. I've been running 2xSeagate 7200.9 (300GB) SATA drives in RAID0 for awhile now, with good performance (~95MB/s filesystem benchmark in SiSoft Sandra). 2 more 300GB drives to be added to the system and the question is, Should I add another RAID0 volume or would I benefit of having them all 4 in one RAID0? I don't mind about the risks of having no mirroring etc, I'm just interested in good performance. What would be the best in case of multiple write/read operations 1) Having one partition with 4xRAID0? 2) Having two partitions with each 2xRAID0? Would be very good with some guidance.
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