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  1. So anyways, i thought i would let ya know it's not the PSU the sound is coming from the chipset or around that area.. although its not any of the fans.. so who knows.. maybe its time to get this RMA'd..
  2. Thank you for the spelling correction.. appericiate it greatly.
  3. So one might wonder why it suddenly started hapening.. its not something that i just "noticed".. its rather annoying to be honest..
  4. So.. when i scroll.. i get this wierd static/high pitch noise from the mobo.. just using the scroller.. then if i'm in game same wierd noise kicks in.. Wierd part is it just started happening..onboard speaker isn't hooked up.. cant quite figure it out.. non of the fans are the cause.. just wierd that it only happens in games or when i utulize the scroller on my mouse.. heh tips would be appericiated
  5. System is stock as can be, no overclocking done.. off the regular NF4 drivers and VC Drivers just off the CD i hit 5820 to be exact.. the wierd part. as soon as i update drivers for NF4/VC it goes down 900 points.. i have to format anyways so i'll get the results after i format again, didn't save them initially, i'll post them in a little while.. gotta catch some shut eye.
  6. Still a tad baffled why it would preform so well in a benchmark, even with low ram, and yet preform so poorly when i'm actually running a game.. either i'm out of my mind or that just doesn't make any sense to me, a benchmark is putting just as much pressure on the system if not more than a game.. I'm going to pickup a test stick of 1GB ram tomorrow to see if that does anything, but are there any other ideas people might have.. i am seriously at a complete loss at this point in time.
  7. Alright, just tested (2) 512 Sticks of HyperX, they didn't work.. aparently not compatible.. So i guess i'll buy a couple of sticks.. now i was searching on newegg.. found http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.asp?...N82E16820146970 curious if any of you guys have experiance with OCZ ram and if it's any good for gaming?..
  8. Its not that i have a problem upgrading, I mean its just a paint considering i have 512 of good stuff.. i wouldn't mind getting another gig.. but would muskin and hyperx for instance work together?.. or is that a no go?.. Second question.. My current FSB is set to 200 in the cmos... I was under the impression it was supposed to be higher.. i dont really want to mess with this as i am new to these boards, and there are different ways of doing these things.. Thanks for the help guys.
  9. Is there any way to fiddle with this memory to see if i can get this other stick of 512 working?... or am i SOL.. because i have these sticks of muskin i dont really want to get rid of these+ the 512 of kingston only to buy another gb or 2 of memory.
  10. problem lies here, i have 2 256 sticks of muskin.. and 1 512 of kingston.. i put the kingston in.. and system doesn't boot.. take it out.. works fine.. second thing, i'm trying to flash the bios.. how exactly does the winflash program work?.. i downloaded the updated bios for this board, but its only set to write to a floppy.. suggestions.. (sorry for all the nub questions just new to these series of boards)
  11. Signature Complete.. trying to figure out whats going on.. buddy has the same system and he can run BF2 at 1200x1600 with Full settings and Full AA.. puts me to shame considering mine hit almost 3000 more than his in 2001SE..
  12. Hey guys, so i've got this machine up and running, did 2001SE, awsome score, did 2006, got 5800.. decent i guess.. Anyways this machine scored 4x higher than my old machine yet in BF2 i cant even run the game at 1024x768 on high.. lag galore.. i can run it @ that but at low graphics.. so curious if there are any particular preformance mods that you guys would reccomend..
  13. rgr freaked me out... i've been using liquid cooling for 3 years now, had to hook the stock heatsink on the proc, haven't recieved my water block yet .. anyways shes running stable as can be.. just did 3dmark 2001se hit 29000.. pretty good to me .. remember the days that 11,000 was good .. anyways, i'll keep you guys posted on the status.
  14. K got that fixed, the 8 pin plug wasn't in all the way.. it splits in 2.. anyways, so on to the next problem.. this sounds extremely Noobish.. but i noticed the system shuts the CPU fan off.. then restarts it.. but it'll stay off for 20-30 seconds, granted thats not quite enough time for much damage to be done due to the fact the heatsink is ice cold, any thing i should worry about?....
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