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  1. Hey, I have a DFI Ultra-D and I am thinking about changing the bios. The one I am using right now is the stock one that comes with the board. I am not having any problems with it but I heard I might get better performance with a newer bios... I have Crucial Ballistix ram so I was thinking about getting the 623-3 What do you guys think? Which bios would be best?
  2. Hey, I noticed this on my DRAM voltage. If I set it to 2.7v in the bios and reboot it will be read as 2.79v, 2.8v goes to 2.9v etc. Is this normal? Whats going on?
  3. Ty, Yeh another guy recomended i pump my FSB to 300 and drop my cpu multiplier to 9x. Then my ram would be getting 300MHZ (3-3-3-6) and the CPU would stay at 2700Mhz.
  4. Hello, My build is as follows: * CPU: AMD Opteron 146 * Motherboard: DFI Lanparty UT Ultra-D * Graphics Card: eVGA Nvidia 6800Gs * Power Supply: OCZ Powerstream 520W * RAM: Crucial Ballistix PC3200 (2×512mb 2-2-2-6) * Hard Drive: WD SE16 250GB Sata2 * Optical: Samsung WriteMaster DVD Burner * Monitor: Viewsonic E90FB I have gotten my rig all set up so I started to O/C it. The best I have gotten so far is my Opty 146 at 2700Mhz (Could go to 2750) at stock voltage and on stock cooling. My ram made it up to 302Mhz at 3-3-3-6 so I put it at 1:1 with my fsb and cranked my CPU to 2700Mhz and tighten the timings a little. The result is this: I think it seems to be a pretty good O/C at stock volts and air cooling. What do you guys think? Is that a good 1M score? Anything I could do to improve this O/C? Thanks
  5. Hello, I have been playing with my ram lately and I have figured out that TCL, TRCD, TRP, TRAS stands for my 2-2-2-5 Now I want to run the ram at 1T instead of 2T but I cant find the setting (their are so many) The only setting that has either 1 bus clocks or 2 is the TWTR (Write to read delay) is that the one that stands for 1T to 2T? Thanks
  6. Hello everyone, I have recetly started having this problem where whenever I try to use the upper (nvidia one) thernet port and have it connect to the network my computer reboots. I've tried everything I can think of. Reformated, updated windows, uninstalled, reinstalled the drivers, got the latest drivers of nvidia site yet it still keeps happenning. The Marvell yukon port works fine it just the damned Nvidia one that reboots the computer if you try sending internet through it. Does anyone have any ideas because I am all out. Thanks
  7. Could someone give me a direct link to the best nvidia and marvell yukon network drivers so I can use those. I think I will reformat this thing just to be safe. Thanks
  8. It seems to be a network driver problem... Have you ever heard of these things being asociated?
  9. Hey everyone, I decided to uninstall the firewall I was using, Sunblet Kerio Firewall. I went ahead and uninstalled it, rebooted and everything seemed fine. I typed in my password and windows was loading up. All of a sudden windows rebooted... I tried again and again and right after my desktop etc appears it reboots... Temps are fine, rails are solid, passed memtest etc all seems fine. In fact I am on the computer right now but in safe mode with networking. The PC works fine except when I'm booting windows normally. I tried making a new user account and go into windows normally, it lasted a bit longer but then rebooted also... Any ideas? Do I have to format and reinstall windows? Thanks
  10. Well if those temps arent right how should I get my real temps? MBM and SmartGuardian are both wrong is what ur saying?
  11. Anybody have any ideas if these temps are accurate?
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