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  1. i found a good price for the 700w version here in the uk but i'm not sure if it is oem or not. don't know if that matters http://www.lowestonweb.com/Products/Displa...FB-84F0A8048B32 edit: i sent them an e-mail and they confirmed that the power supply comes in the retail box and has 12 month warranty
  2. i've decided not to look for full tower and go for mid. i like the coolermaster centurion 5 or the ammo. which one should i go for (or are there better mid-towers out there)
  3. like i said, who knows what will happen in a few years. btx might become the standard much sooner than we think... or it might not. personally i'd prefer if liquid cooling became the standard and btx forgotten all together. i think that some revolution in cooling is approaching if cpus/gpus continue becoming bigger faster and hotter.
  4. ahh crap. the 830 is sooo expensive and the silverstone too and it does not have btx expandability (not sure if that is important now but who knows in 2 years?) do i have any other options than the thermaltake cases now?
  5. the cm stacker 810 is supposed to be the server version of the original stacker and the 830 is the awesome upgrade. yes i get it, the 830 is great but what about the stacker 820. i've also looked at the tt armor and kandalf but i don't like the kandalf's design (not too keen on cases with front doors) and the armor is old. i'm also opened to other suggestions.
  6. yes i've noticed you've been interested in these units. even the 700w version is cheaper than the ocz powerstream 520/600. everyone recommends the ocz (for good reasons) but also every other one says how incredibly stable the voltage rails are on the fsp supplies
  7. nobody yet has an epsilon psu?
  8. how does the epsilon series compare to fsp's "older" psus. how do epsilon series compare generally to other power supply. for example the cheaper epsilon 600w vs. the ocz powerstream 520
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