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  1. since we have all this audio talk. I plan on getting a dfi-ut-d soon to replace my aging nf2-deluxe with soundstorm. i soly use the fiber out port to my surround sound reciever for sound in games and what not. will the dfi onboard audio beable to do the same? if not will creative cards? how bout that mystic card i have heard about? Thanks for reading War
  2. Thanks for the Info. Any chance of an expert model or at least a newer ver of the UT-d none sli will be out in the next few weeks/months?
  3. I am looking for a board like the newer expert models but with out sli. I like the new 4-8 phase power and higher quality caps. Is there a similar model with out sli? If not now will there be soon say in 1-3months? I plan on getting a 939chip either 3800 or opt 165. Thanks War
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