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  1. I think this will be the card i will get, just hope i can wait. Thanks for contacting Auzentech, Inc. We are planning to release the X-Purity (8788 chipset) sometime in Q3. We appreciate your interest in our product.
  2. I am guessing most games even nowdays don't come with native 5.1 surround? if they did wouldn't the xfi work fine? only those games that don't have native 5.1 need the encoding ddl? trying to get my facts stright. War
  3. In the past with my asus a7n8x-deluxe I used a surround sound reciever and the coax/optical out. All games, movies and everything sounded wonderful. Now I have the onboard sound on the expert and well it just sucks horrid using the coax output. During high disk activity or processor the sound stutters very badly. Well the question is, I see the xfi has coax/opt out and wanted to know if it will send teh 5.1-7.1 out though it. In games with the soundstorm i got the full emerssion of people walking and surround noises and if i had all 7 speakers pluged directly into the sound card. Would this still be the case on the xfi using the same opt/coax out? can someone explain the difference to me? I know these cards have even my expert has the coax connector but they dont' seem to work the same way as the soundstorms. I was looking at getting the xfi or the mystique i think its called with ddl encoding. Again not sure if its the encoding that makes it work with games or what does. Is it possible to output the new eax on the xfi out to a reciever and have it decode it properly? How bout the m-audio cards? they are completely new to me. PLease Help this Helpless newb! War
  4. so if i will get out 7.1 from the x-fi why or how does it benifit at all do have the soundstorm with digital encoding? If any of the output ports on say audigy or x-fi does the same. What am I missing. IN a game say bf2 will the x-fi passthough give me the 5.1-7.1 i want to hear where bullets and footsteps are comming from? I don't watch movies on my pc so i am not concerned as far as that is. But i may in the future. Please enlighten me and thanks for all the advice so far.
  5. good to hear, thanks for at least making me feel better.
  6. yeah i did end up getting the pc4000 but the question was are they truely better chips or the same chips as the cheap ones. if they are the same then 15$ just went to marketing. War
  7. yeah i think that is my choice for now. since i leave it on most of the time the reboot problem isn't that bad as it only gets rebooted once a week or so. Do you think its a ram issue or psu or both? i know this infineon ram isn't very good.
  8. Well i have been moderatly successful following the guide. i found both proc max and mem. proc 2.8ghz mem only 225 seperatly they passed 24hrs of prime and the super pi tests and occt. when i put them to gether they dont seem to play nice. I lowered the proc to 250fsb with a 5/9th memory divider. passed ooct and prime and superpi for at least 12hrs (while i slept) But my new issue is the box won't reboot. i have to shutdown wait 10sec then i can boot into windows. if i just reboot it hangs at a black screen and vid turns off. IF you press reset it just beeps at me. have to hold power 10sec then leave it 10secs then it boots up fine. The reboot part is what concerns me most currently.. I ordered my new psu and ram should be here in 2 weeks from newegg but would like a simi stable system until then. War
  9. with prime i didn't need 2 folders. with superpi i need 2 folderS? ok setting the affinity in taskmgr is working. I guess adding the -A1 and -A0 does not work for superpi? War
  10. How do it do it? i got prime setup for dual core from a post here, but was following the o/c guide and it recommends i run iterations of superpi for max cpu o/c. well when i run it it only uses one core. is there a posting for setting this up with dual core ? War
  11. I have my sound go through my pioneer reciever with surround sound speakers. Do the creatives x-fi i hear so much about allow this with all its new features to be passed to my reciever? IF i got one and still used the sdif out woudl i only get stereo? War
  12. Hm... was browsing ther site and realized I get forwarded to this site instead. the psu's listed are Way old. Is this company still in business? http://web.archive.org/web/20041016024353/...ower+Supply.htm
  13. I purchased the retail PIB for the opty 170, as i have heard great things about this hs/fan. Well I don't find it so great. fan runs about 2500-3000 rpms but my temps are higher then i want them. they are in the 40-50c range. I would like to bring them down to 40-45 max even lower if possible. I was hoping there might be a way i can increase the rmps of the fan to say 5000 rmps. any ideas? War
  14. Do let me know i may order some if they turn out good. Was looking at other possible deals and found an 8hr sale at newegg G.SKILL 2GB (2 x 1GB) 184-Pin DDR SDRAM Unbuffered DDR 400 (PC 3200) Dual Channel Kit System Memory - Retail Link Considering these are only pc3200 is the extra 23$ worth it? are they using the same samsung chips? What do you guys think?
  15. I was reading my MB manual and it says to avoide using 3 sticks. well i figured i would ask and see if its possible to get it to run with 3, I am upgrading from my nf2 and it only had 3, i have 2x512 and a Gig chip. Currently running only on the 1gig in the first orange slot. should i try the other 2 and if so where should i put them, in the 2 yellow? any bios settings i should try? Trying to see if i need to order more new ram to make sure my new sys will be more stable in the long run. War also: my temps at stock speed with retail hs/fan with heatpipes at 100% THE Bios shows 45-50c at stock its 40-45 when i don't max the proc. maybe my as5 isn't working properly? or something else might be wrong? everything is at default no volt increase but the memory to make it more compatabil with my cheap ram.
  16. Thanks I tried to rename the title but it didn't take. So is the ocz stream 520/600 still the recommended psu for the sli expert? with a opteron 170 dual?
  17. newegg delevers here as i am on a navy base. SO i was reading up on this ocz stream that has the 2x4pin. I didn't think those would qualify as they arn't nativly that way. same with the 20+4 that come with that ocz psu. THe modular is just something i wanted to clean the case but i don't think it will help much as i need all the cables i can get to power my 6 harddrives and 2cdroms. i was hoping for a good antec as thats my case and my old psu's that i have had good experance with. the 8pin thing just blew my mind! is the 20+4 ping and 2x4pin ok to use? do they qualify as REQUIRED component from angry gamer? Just want to make sure i got whats needed to have a trouble free op with this board since i causing myself enough grief by using mixed ram . I LOVE NEWEGG War
  18. New issues. I was looking through the suggestions psu's and i see that the expert now requires a 8pin 12volt most have 4 or 6pin. I was hoping for a modular psu but that seems to be out and i only see 1 psu with the 8pin requirement for the expert. any suggestions on what to do? also are the 20+4 pins ok? they are on most of the recommended inclucing hte 530 ocz one. but again no 8pin. Is this the EPS12V standard? I am having difficulties finding the 8pin, i looked at the mix of the enermax one recommended for the expert and the pics don't show an 8pin power. but i did find this. http://www.antec.com/specs/true550EPS12V_spe.html# Pic of an 8pin plug http://www.antec.com/images/8pinatx12v.jpg IS this what i am looking for? is this is atx 2.2 standard? or the 12veps standard? Next is WTF is up with all the new pin configurations, it was 4 then dual 4, then 4 with floppy and molux, now its a 24pin native ( guessing not 20+4) + 8pin? War
  19. Thanks I will at least try. New issues. I was looking through the suggestions psu's and i see that the expert now requires a 8pin 12volt most have 4 or 6pin. I was hoping for a modular psu but that seems to be out and i only see 1 psu with the 8pin requirement for the expert. any suggestions on what to do? also are the 20+4 pins ok? they are on most of the recommended inclucing hte 530 ocz one. but again no 8pin. War
  20. Just need to know if i can use my current power until I order a newer psu? I have 2 to choose from prefer to use antec true 430 20amp on 12v, 36a 5v, 28a 3.3v I just want to make sure the pin difference will now blow something out. IF not i will at least attempt to see if it powers the system temporarly until i get a true 24pin. THanks War
  21. I thought they fixed the driver incompatability issues, GUESS NO! sheesh.
  22. yeah i had that error when i didn't get the power cable with my video card. there is a 6pin/4pin/molex connector on the videocard to give it extra juice. once i plugged that in the error went away. Hope that also fixes your issue. War
  23. Just to relay my experance with slow decay of an over clock. Have a barton, first it worked fine at 2.1ghz overclock. then slowly over time the temp starts to get higher and i get crashes, Lower clock to 2ghz, stable yet again, more time goes by 6-8mo, it becomes more problematic. lower it to 1.9ghz now its stable again but my core temps are slowly rising yet again. overing around 55c under full load. I have reseated the proc and heatsink several time to make sure it wasn't comming loose after the temps starting spiking. so i must agree that some cpus slowly decay over time espically when overclocked. but normally they outlive there lifespan anyway (i will upgrade before it decays too far). my 2cents. War PS if you overclocked then you voided your warrently thus can't call amd for replacement.
  24. is there a specific thread somewhere? if i do a search for dual core opteron i get many hits, none look specific.
  25. I going to get a dfi ultra D or the sli expert. I want to know not just based on price, how much better/more stable/cooler is the 170 vs the 165? is the chance of a higher stable o/c much higher or just marginal? its like 70$+ difference in cost. Why get a 170 over the 165 if both o/c the same? [edit]: also i found out i have crappy infineon ram from patriot but its 2gigs will this ram work with either of the boards on plan on getting? Please inform the newb. War
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