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  1. Thanks Ex Roadie. I was still assuming these drivers were crap and so i tried to install as less as possible. (edit)There seems to be a problem though. I just installed them drivers, and after that i ran hdtach and where the numbers used to be around 180 (between SATA 150 and SCSI ultra 320) it now dropped to a staggering 95.3MB/s (lower than ATA figures). How the f00k is that possible, its almost a 50% cut in burst performance. Anyone any clues? (edit)I need some sleep. I was checking the wrong disk ffs, my PATA wd 200g disk, so even if the numbers seem a bit low to me, it's more logical. And btw it's great to see that now non DFI users can add knowledge or use the knowledge from this great forum too. Regards Beernut
  2. probably. I've set it to 1.35V in bios and everest gives me 1.41. Because i dont pwn a DMM i assume it will all be just fine.
  3. What's the normal voltage for a cpu like mine?? On my expert i think it was 1.35V but on my current board everest reads 1.47V What is the matter here? With regards, Borrelnoot
  4. d00d, selling toasters like in your sig would make you multi millionaire!!! (definetely)
  5. Thanks, without being a technician, i would like to know what makes this stuff tick. I read my eyes sore here and i do not understand a lot of tech-talk here, but i'm learning:)
  6. Been there, done that:cool: Setting up the ram was no problem at all. I didnt comply with the initial build thing but went straight for 2 sticks of ram. i just made one mistake, i put them in the yellow slots. After sorting that out, my rig was working flawless (until 'bout a month ago). But is it possible that the rig i will get tomorrow, hates my corsairs (unlike my previous board)? And what is it then that makes the one board working fine with this ram, and the other board hating it? (they seem to have minds of they're own???)
  7. You can change the speed these fans work on by changing the temps in the bios. I've set mine at off if temps is<40 and to full if temps are >60 (i've read these chips are rated @90C) or even if 80C your in a safe place. In my system the fan was almost inaudible (cept for startup)
  8. Okidoki, now i've rma'd my expert (it's finally arrived for gawds ache). And it was replaced by a new one, so i guess it will work.... But is it the same? Is every board different in some way (i know all chips are different). I have (for instance) corsairs, and they worked fine in my old plank, but will they in the new one too? In what magnitude (maybe a strange word for it, but forgive me i'm dutch) are these boards different from eachother, or should i expect no probs whatsoever? And what does that mean for the boundaries of overclocking the cpu (or the ram/gpu). (because i read about finding the max overclock for your ram/cpu, but is there a max overclock for the board as well?) A lot of questions for a guy who does not know (exactly) how to overclock (just scared of ruining my stuff). But i'm just interested, so i hope you can fill me in... Greetings Borrelnoot
  9. There are several post (even a corsair ram guide) how to set up you ram. Just use the search option and search for corsair or ram (+guide?). Some say corsair is hard to get running on these dfi boards. I just plugged them in, got the right settings right here off the forum. i adjusted the timings as well (2-2-2-5 stock for my ram) and it all went without one single problem (except for putting them in the yellow slots first, wich caused bsod's and spontaneous reboots and some other instability issues). If you read the stuff that's written here you will get it set up nicely (over, under or just stock clocked), and though i don't know Jack Poop about overclocking, i was able to get it up and running in no-time, with the information provided here Ram guide (by sharp): http://www.dfi-street.com/forum/showthread...light=ram+guide and this one, the corsair stock stable dbase by happy_games http://www.dfi-street.com/forum/showthread.php?t=25447 Good luck and have fun reading Borrel
  10. A question, maybe a little off-topic, but what is SPD ??? *If you do what you always do, you will get what you've always got*
  11. Maybe you should adjust the bios settings for the nf4 fan, because i just barely hear that fan. You could try to set the fan to off beneath 40C and full on at 60C (i believe i read these chisp are rated to up to 90C so 60 shouldnt be a problem. And if that doenst work search the forum as there is a great load of options (for you usa guys anyway, cornwall excluded cuz that should still be in UK) to replace the fan or get it silent. Greetings Borrel
  12. f00k i'm waiting for more than 2 weeks now and i'm sick to my stomach i didn't return it myself. damned this just isnt snailmail but i think it is failmail. But like maybe the ppl at dfi are working in spanish mode with manana being the buzz word. Who knows. i certainly don't With regards, borrelnoot
  13. Can't get 'em here. It's a recommended fan for the si-120 indeed, but they are not (i found 1 80mm fan by panaflo) available in holland, just like the friggin evercool vc-re. For now the papsts are doing their jobs nice and silent (not at all atm, but that'll change soon i hope with my rma returning to me) Good morning to y'all Borrel
  14. My casefan is soldered to 5V. The cpufan on the other hand, is switchable from 5 to 12 in a matter of seconds (ofcourse after shutdown) due to the nice zalman 5V-12V splitter from a zalman 700cu vga cooler. And if needed i'll solder the 5V setting from the casefan back to 12V (but that's LOUD! 55CFM*2+supersilent coolermaster 120mm intakefan is kinda loud for me. i know some of the delta fans produce over 120 CFM but at those dustbuster noiselevels i just give up thinking so no-go there:)
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