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  1. Hello All, Has anyone used the windows vista anytime upgrade feature? I know you can buy the 'upgrade' to get to ultimate from premium and stuff but if i wanted to do a fresh format later down the road of vista with the new 'anytime upgrade' as ultimate how will that work? in other words maybe, if i buy a this upgrade license, will they give me a key that will be usable at the time of format to just install ultimate then.....if not, how do i upgrade again after the fresh format? thanx for the info! Ben
  2. lol...it was more of an abrupt "don't ever use" issue at the time... maybe it was because of an old bios or setting? no one really finished explaining it for me...so it just dropped...and i stopped using it. and that was a long time ago. http://www.diy-street.com/forum/showthread.php?t=57032 i later read reviews about my same board on other sites and forums about how their DFI lanparty boards were melted, or burnt, or they fried their ram because of using standby.... so if i do use sleep/standby on this asus, or any board...i know there are s1, s3, and s1 & s3 settings... which does what? and which is the best option? and the thing is, i don't have this asus pc on me right now, it's finally in the owner's hands...but if there IS going to be a problem w/ it over heating from a standby issue, i don't remember it having a max temp shutdown feature like my dfi does. so i'd wanna get the setting right if i'm going to use it. lol...for now i just told her not to use it...EVER. lol. it'll boot fast enough anyways, at least in comparison to her last pc... :shake: but it's the whole point that it's still there...'what if' she still accidently uses it? i just wanna make sure it's going to be on an ok setting to use if it's even useable at all! thanx!
  3. with this mobo/ram i've just purchased... Mobo - ASUS M2N-Plus SLI Vista Edition NVIDIA nForce 500 SLI MCP RAM - CORSAIR XMS2 2GB (2 x 1GB) 240-Pin DDR2 800 (PC2 6400) Dual Channel @ 5-5-5-12 @ 1.9v i was wondering if i could get any advice on if it will be harmful to use the xp-standby or vista-sleep shutdown options and not hurt this mobo or ram? i know that w/ my DFI UT NF4 Ultra-D board that i cannot... and that it will harm it... but is this true w/ this ASUS board as well? thanx for ur opinions!
  4. thanx for the help! yeah, i have some of those q-connectors... but only the usb and system panel...NOT the Firewire. i checked the mobo package contents and it was never supposed to with this model... do you know where i might be able to pick one of these up to make things easier for future use? i tried earching ebay, or asus's website for accessories and i wasn't very successful...
  5. Hey everyone! building a new pc, and i have a small delema. i'm trying to finalize this new build, but i'm having a tough time trying to figure out which cables plug into which prongs on the motherboard for the audio and firewire for the case's i/o ports. THIS SHOWS THE INSTRUCTIONS FROM THE CASE: THIS SHOWS THE INSTRUCTIONS FROM THE MOBO FOR THE AUDIO: THIS SHOWS THE INSTRUCTIONS FROM THE MOBO FOR THE FIREWIRE: My problem is because before, w/ new builds it was easy to use the 'block' that came at the end the the cable...but w/ this case, all of the prongs are separated...and need to be placed in one at a time. PLUS, the different instructinos don't match up properly... so if anyone has any advice how to properly match these two components up, that'd be great as always! THANX! ben
  6. bump... still tried all same things, and a cmos clear...
  7. yes, i have actually on my Lanparty UT Ultra-D. i ran into it and just got curious a while back. had to use grub to dual boot, though. i might have some pics to post later on if i can find them, but right now i have two pc's in a mess in pieces that have the pics on...i think i still have them...? but till i get them put back together i can't post them...lol. once it was on my system it ran smooth and all...but it never kept the same settings after i rebooted my system. everytime i booted into OSX it asked me again and again their 'standard info'...name, street, email, username and password..... when i tried to shut down the pc or restart, it never really shut it down...it just had their little circle spinning away to beat the band till i manually shut it down. good luck trying to find device drivers for everything. couldn't get ANYTHING to work, really. NO access to other h/ds...i tried mounting fat32, ntfs, ext2, ext3...ntfs mounted, but wouldn't read anything... no floppy access... NO access to either my yukon or nvidia ethernet... lol...u couldn't do anythign but read from the dvd drive i installed it from. it was cool eye candy for 2/3 days to piss off my brother who uses macs, cuz he bet me a $100 that i couldn't get it installed... but ended up only giving me $50, cuz i got it installed...but nothing else...haha. yeah, deleted all the files and stuff i had to it...basically the boot image was a couple gig...waste of space. enjoy it for a fews days if you can get it to boot, brag to ur friends....but i Guarantee you'll end up deleting it too. if you want a mac, get a mac. actually i just looked though my email, and have one i sent to my mac bro. doesn't show you too much, but it was there on my system... enjoy.
  8. welcome dude, first get a sig...they like that around here. u mention nothing about trying to change ALL SIX of the the jumpers between the two pci-e slots from 1-2 to 2-3.... that enables SLI on the mobo i thought...? i don't use it on my lanparty UT board cuz i have a 8800 GTX, but i'm pretty sure that's where you should start...
  9. OK, here's the deal...i'm building a new pc. i ordered everything from newegg...so if i have to RMA anything, i hope i don't have any problems doing so, because i've never had to RMA before...and i have till the 21st... i'm experienced with building pc's, and this is for someone else. so far i've followed the minimal build requirements and as you can see from the sig, this is all that's connected at the moment. DFI INFINITY NF ULTRAII-M2 AMD AM2 X2 4000+ w/ stock fan/heat sink XFX PVT71PUDP3 GeForce 7900GS 256MB GDDR3 - power IS plugged in G.SKILL (2 x 1GB) DDR2 533 (PC2 4200) F2-4200PHU2-2GBLA [ONLY USING 1x1GB in slot number 1 closest to cpu] PSU OCZ700GXSSLI 700W ok, powered up, get red led light, click the power button on mobo, cpu fan runs, chipset fan runs, i hear a 'click' from the mobo speaker, no signal is sent to the monitor, and no beeps. i thought at first it was the ram, so i tried the second module...same thing. i tried different slots...w/ both modules...same thing. i tried powering up the mobo w/out any ram...and get ONE loud beep at a time. so i'm pretty sure it's not the ram, cuz if it were, wouldn't the system beep one loud time with the ram in if it were defective? i tried a different power supply...same thing. i tried a different video card...same thing. i tried the other pci-e slot...same thing. so.... i'm down to cpu (which NO i don't have another AM2 socket) and i'm down to the mobo (which NO i don't have another AM2 socket) so with all of the expertise going around, are there any suggestions whether or not it might be a DOA mobo, or DOA CPU? as always, thank you for any help or suggestions! ben
  10. thanx again, for everything! Works great and all is smooth rolling. thank God for Acronis True Image. until next time... May the Force be with us All...
  11. ok, so trial and error, i understand that. i'll give it a shot, but to be honest...ram timings are not my forte. but i havn't burn any ram up yet! :tooth: but i'll try, and let ya know how i'm doing. let's say i'm starting fresh w/ no os right now. (i've been fooling w/ vista, quad booting xp, ubuntu, vista, server 03...and fooling w/ dynamic disk stuff....) before i load anything, is the best way to test my ram settings w/ memtest86? ...and i'm assuming that as long as i can run all 4x512, w/ no errors for a bunch of passes that i'm ok? thanx!
  12. i really do appreciate all of this help. and i am very glad to say that with all of the help i've received in these forums, DIY will remain to be my source of help. so thank you! now, back to the 'problem.' i would still like to know the answer to my previous question... after the clear, on my first boot (with 1 ram), i WAS able to get to the bios. yay! set the time, set optimized defaults. reboot. entered bios to check settings, reboot. (still no h/ds) system still HUNG like on my first post (and picture i supplied). so i thought i'd try the timings Sharp posted. save, reboot, then i got the 'save cmos' and failure to load operating system! yay! so i'm currently running memtest w/ one stick of ram. (with ALL four power plugs into the mobo...again, is this necessary for everyday usage?) so yay! so i'm pretty sure i'm good from here if i can get all 2gb of ram running together...(figers crossed!) but that's my new question for Sharp or anyone who can answer this: i noticed a BUNCH of new ram timing settings w/ this new bios. my old timings are IN BOLD: GENIE BIOS Setting >DRAM Configuration DRAM Frequency Set (MHZ).............200 (DRAM/FSB:1/01) Command per clock (CPC)..............Disabled Cas latency (tCL)....................2 RAS to CAS delay (tRCD)..............3 Min RAS active time (tRAS)...........6 ~7 Row precharge time (tRP).............3 Row cycle time (tRC).................11 ~7 Row refresh cycle time(tRFC).........14 ~17 Row to Row delay (tRRD)..............2 Write recovery time (tWR)............AUTO ~2 Write to read delay (tWTR)...........AUTO ~1 Read to write delay (tRWT)...........AUTO ~2 Refresh period (tREF)................AUTO ~3120 cycles Write CAS latency (tWCL).............N/A ~wasn't an option b4 Odd Divisor Select...................Disabled ~wasn't an option b4 DRAM Bank Interleave.................Enabled DQS Skew Control.....................Decrease ~auto DQS Skew Value.......................0 DRAM Drive Strength..................AUTO DRAM Data Drive Strength.............AUTO Max Async Latency....................6ns ~auto Dram Response........................Normal ~fast Read Preamble Time...................5ns ~auto Idle Cycle Limit.....................AUTO ~256 cycles Dynamic Counter......................Enabled ~disable R/W Queue Bypass.....................AUTO ~16x Bypass Max...........................AUTO ~7x 32 Byte Granularity..................Disabled (4 bursts) So bacially before, i based my timings from one of the stock speed timings in this forum almost a year ago. So my questions on this are... 1) Where/how did you figure out these ram timings? 2) Are these timings going to work will all of my 4x512 ram? 3) If not, then how do i go about finding out how to configure with the correct timings? Thank you, thank you, thank you! as always, thank you.
  13. ok, so i'm in the middle of another cmos test, so i'll let ya know how it went in an hour or so from now... but i have a question... before all this (and using my mobo for a year and a half now) i have done bios updates before, and have done cmos clears like this as well. but i read something in the 'initial build' link that said 'these 4 power connectors must be plugged in for stability.' but never have i run my pc ON with the 4-pin molex connection and the 4-pin floppy connection. must they always be connected to the mobo for everyday usage? cuz i thought this was just for the cmos clear. lol...if this question sounds very very funny, i guess it is? but i've never done it, so it didn't quite make sense to me. and i just need it explained if possible! thanx.
  14. Trying to stay positive...... lol...state of the pc? still in the case...i haven't shaken it out yet... minimal build...that's what i've been doing...but i guess having a 8800gtx is not minimal. but right now i don't have a different video card to use cuz i just bought this card a month ago cuz my old x800gt died. so all i have connected: cpu, 1 ram, 4 psu connections, 8800gtx. i'll do another cmos clear for an hour, and try another stick of ram... as for a hd, no. i wasn't worried about connecting a h/d at this point, i just wanted to get into the bios to start! do i need a h/d connected for memtest86?
  15. it just got worse... ok, taking a deep breath. first, to answer some questions... 1) to start, i originally cleared cmos the way you told me to from exrodie's link. 2) i originally cleared the cmos w/ NOTHING attacted to the motherboard but my video card and the four power cable configs. 3) NO, i DO NOT overclock my settings. 4) when i booted after the first cmos clear last night, i was hitting that pic above...but i WAS about to get into the bios using only one stick of ram in the upper orange slot. so to keep things simple, i kept all the ram timings on their 'load defaults' and most were on auto.... stick got no farther than the above screen. ok now after waking up to these two replies, i though, 'ok, let's do one more cmos clear.' then i'd try the ram timings provided to me by sharp... i turned on sportscenter, ate some breakfast, and one hour later started to turn on the pc...only to get AN INSTANT LOUD SCREETCHING FROM THE MOTHERBOARD SPEAKER. ...and NO signal to the monitor. what the heck? now i'm more frustrated than last night. :sad: what did i do wrong? cuz i'm pretty darn sure nothing at this point. is my bios fried? is my mobo fried? depending on the answer supplied to me, i have more questions... but hopefully this is fixable.......
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