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  1. came home, dissapated the capasitors in the system by turing off the power switch on the PS then pressing the power button 5 times, booted up and no blocky post/bootup screen , is there a chance that thge capasitors on the board are dying?
  2. after connecting the floppy connector the problem seemed to go away for a couple of weeks. this morning after i got up booted the comp up and got another blocky post screen (all 4 connectors are plugged in).
  3. left the comp on today while im at work, after i plugges it in the otherday i didnt have a blocky start up. but ill have to see when i reboot or leave it off again for a peroid of time
  4. never had the floppy connector in, wow ill plug it in and see whats up. thnx
  5. freaky thing has just started happening. after shutting comp off for the day i come home and turn it on. after turing it on the bootup screen is all blocky and pixelated. the only way to fix this is to reseat the vid card into the first pci-e slot. should i try the other slot? is it x16 like the other one? i have posted this on the evga community board with no replys yet thanks
  6. hey guys, i have to thank Roger_D25 for his post since i was having trouble with my settings and used all of his. only thing i had to do was lower the fsb to 263, i had to do this because while running p95+sp2004 i got hardware errors. (263 is memtest stable 9hrs) its running now (p95+sp2004,but im at work) seemed fine before i left. so the ram is @263mhz 3448 1t now. can anyone recommend another setting to change so i could get up to 270? would it be more tras?
  7. yeh it was the 140 divider. thnx for the info on what ones dont show up
  8. wondering why cpu z is not showing me what the mhz is on the ram CPUZ fixxed url
  9. thanks will do. im thinking it will be an all nighter . going to pick up 4pk of redbull after work and get to buildin!
  10. ready to start clocking my 148 tonight after werk... should i just follow the reg A64 oc guides? :confused:
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