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  1. Ok thanks guys, simple thing fixed it for me, plugged the Raptor into SATA 3 instead of 1 and its all fine ! Now to get prime stable at stock and then OC, anyone know what my stepping Opteron 170 should get?
  2. Try plugging the HD into SATA port 3 if you have SATA disk, fixed it for me
  3. Do I need to download an x2 patch if Im running an opteron ? amd x2 driver ?
  4. Ahh sweet, Ive seen that setting will switch it on Install was smooth as anything on both SP2 cds I have ... stick CD in, blue screen comes up and u pick partition etc, install , reboot into the funky windows propaganda thats all great, copys files/configures network and sets up start menu etc etc (so it says) then on the final reboot when the windows xp screen comes up I get BSOD. Dont have any other hardware im afraid ... once I can halt on the error, will try and see what the STOP error refers to As for slimstream, this wasnt one that ive produced, it has no special drivers other than what comes with normal XP Corp + SP2. When I stick in the windows install CD and it asks for specific drivers for SATA or RAID, should I be putting in anything? Am running at 39oC core temp and case is 28oC, chipset is 46oC (stock fan on it)
  5. Yes, no overclock and have tried the bios 'optimized' values ... will do a clear CMOS and follow the guide, I followed most of it, but not every single step, didnt realise this board was that picky ... so will give it a proper shot tonight ! Thx for feedback, anyone with a similar setup as me have any issues? Shouldnt matter that I am installing onto an SATA drive, noticed in the POST, SATA 3/4 are shown prior to SATA 1/2 ... might try putting the raptor in SATA 3 to see if that helps. any other suggestions welcome.
  6. All at stock at the moment, core at 1.35, ram at 2.6 (have tried vcore at 1.4 and ram at 2.65) neither seem to cure the issue. Would it matter what slot I have my GFX card in? Would you get better results in the 8x slot vs. the 16x ? I find it strange that the windows install works 'fine' but the 'first boot' is a BSOD
  7. Thanks, yes have tried booting with only 1 stick, tried that one stick in each slot and same time I get BSOD on attempting to boot into windows, Ill boot into safe mode and i get same rror it gets through a bunch of files then BSODs, when Im back at home Ill put a note up indicating what the last file loaded is before the crash.
  8. Hi Guys, any thoughts appreciated, I've had a read through as much as I could digest on the forum but don't seem to be having much luck. I have 2 XP CDs both with SP2 slipstreamed, I put the rig together and ran memtest 1.55 for a few hours on one stick in DDR slot 2 (furthest orange) and then on the other stick in the same slot before putting both sticks into the orange slots and attempting to install windows. Installation is fine until it comes to the first attempt the install program makes at getting into windows, here I get BSOD and the system reboots, as I have not been able to get into windows, essentially I cant see what the specific error is. Any thoughts on what to try? Upgrade bios? Change memory settings? I am running a skeleton rig with only mouse and keyb plugged into Ps2 ports.
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