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    any more offers
  2. na want it at max 150 shipped good mem though
  3. get 2 gigs, of mem you wont regret, there is a deal i think with a 3200+ and 1800xt 256 for 350 so look into that
  4. mcvigo


    price?? and why you want to return
  5. mcvigo


    150 is my max and i pay through paypal, make me offers, and tell me how they oc
  6. just get a x1900xt or xtx from saphire or ati safe bet
  7. abit an8 straight up, i didnt have very good expèrience with gigabyte, msi are good stable boards dont oc much, and that asus board has lots of problems.
  8. Are they any good im getting one for 135 shipped, i dont want to spend too much and i oc, i dont mind running it at 200-220 with stock timing just that it doesnt limit my oc like my corsair seem to do,(at least i hope so, if not then i just have a 2gb kit for nice gaming). How are they ocing
  9. www.frozencpu.com got mine there, im satisfied with mine
  10. well it might be good once 1800xt run outta of stock, these 1900 will be better with shader intensive games, still a 7900 ko will beat it, if you get it at better price buyit
  11. how bout the gskill with red heat spredders, i dont really care anymore about bench i prefer better game performance, how do these overclock, like i said i dont really want pc4000 but if it overclock better http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.asp?...N82E16820231047
  12. http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.asp?...N82E16820227210
  13. Model: Ocz Platinum Enhanced Latency 2GB PC3200 DC CL2 I want to overclock and i dont plan on running them at 250 but if they can handle it fine by me, Do you think i can reach at least 215-220 2-3-3-6. Am getting them at 140 good deal?
  14. but more expensive, im getting the red ones for cheap, i dont have to have ram at 250
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