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  1. Thx again... so helpful I don't believe it is my psu because I paid $100 bucks for it.. it is a very high quality one with full 24pin power connector (450watt) and it has been running fine for me for over a year. I think I will just go buy a new computer. The intell duo core 2's look awsome.. Kind of a side note. Whats the diff between intell duo core 2 and duo core 2 extreme? is extreme out yet and it is much better? Thanks again!
  2. Actually that little ball berringless fan on the motherboard is making the noises not the cpu fan. Oh btw the power button/reset on the front doesn't work at all. I thinking motherboard DEAD.. but I will try a Bios battery pull. Any additional input would be great.. Thx again guys!
  3. Okay.. I have a lan party nf4 ultra D and the fan on the motherboard has been making funny noises lately. Then I came home and it was a black screen. I can't get anything to come up on boot. There is 4 red led constantly lit by the pci slots and 1 yellow on by the memory. I have made no recent changes it just stopped working. The fan continues to make a very loud noise. Is my Mobo dead? my video Card? maybe processor? Any input would be greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance for any input anyone can give.
  4. OMG tsopin..! You were right about the 200 setting and the CPC now its ddr400 thank you so much btw thx caffeinejunkie for your input as well. my cpu says its 3700+ (2210 Mhz) on POST but I am not sure what a divider is.. or where to check.. It works now.. Thanks so much..!
  5. I put in 4 sticks of OCZ plat rev.2 512mb for a total of 2GB. However when I boot it says CPU0 Memory information: DDR 333 CL: 2 , 2T Dual Channel, 128-bit Tcl: 2 Trc: 3 Tras: 5 Trp 2 (2T Timing) I have a San Diago 3700+ so shouldn't it be in ddr400? So basically how do I get my ram to run at ddr400? Thank you very much in advance! btw.. bios is newest version and every bios setting is default.
  6. Kinda has this idea in my head.. so I played in photoshop until I got this creation.. What yah think? sorry about that I should have read the rules..
  7. OMG HURRAY. my underclocked not booting in dual channel ocz rev2 pat now works fine after a bios update and removing the battery 1 minute. I suggest anyone who has any ram problems to remove your bios battery and put it back in. Now it works in slots 2 and 4 no problems!
  8. Your right Bango.. but i am also having the exact same problem with my DFI NF4 ultra D.. There is 3 red debug lights and the dual channel won't work in slots 2 and 4 even with the newest bios and ocz plat rev2 which is suppose to be tested in dual channel and work... GAH anyone have the solution yet?
  9. I have similar situation.. can anyone please help?? I purchased 1GB (2x512) of platnium 3200 rev.2 and installed them into my DFI lanparty ultra D. I installed them in slots 2 and 4 and they ran fine in dual channel with my venice 3200+. Then I purchased a San Deigo 3700+ and when I went to boot windows it rebooted just as the bar finished loading. So I forrmatted/reinstall windows xp pro. But on boot with the ram in slots 2 and 4 it is a black screen. There is no POST just a black screen. So I put the ram in slots 1 and 2 and it runs but now it is running at 333mhz and not in dual channel. Also the timings displayed are not 2-2-2-5. There is something about 2T at 64-bit displayed on the POST. I am running at 2.6 dram volts and my bois is the newest 623-3. How do I get my ram to run at 400mhz in dual channel with the proper timings?
  10. I was running my ocz plat rev.2 (2x512mb) in slots 2 and 4 with double data rate at drr400, then I installed my new 7800gt and upgraded from a venice 3200 to a San Deigo 3700+. Then when I boot it the screen stays black. So I put the ram in slots 1 and 2 and it runs fine with out double data rate. But it is detecting and running at ddr333. HOW DO I GET MY RAM TO RUN AT DDR400 like it is suppose to? OMG PLEASE HELP ME!!!! btw it is the orginal bios bought in august and dram voltage is 2.6 and it says something about 2T on the post screen.. plz help!
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