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  1. Can anyone help me In the past I did try to update my current motherboard bios nothing worked out well. Finally after everything was must up I got everthing back as factory. Then after that I did boost my ram to it's current also my x2 4800 to it's 2.5 gig. I don't know how to update to the current bios not as simple as an Asus motherboard. Also the settings in my current bios will they become reset as fare as the the ram settings BECOME LOST? How or what is the best sure way to update to current bios?
  2. Can anyone tell me will the xp 120 cpu cooler fit one my motherboard? DFI LANPARTY UT NF4 SLI-DR nForce4 SLI Athlon 64 Skt 939. And do I need special brackets?
  3. In my smartguardian what does pwm ic mean and how do I connect it? The small chip set fan is kina a little noisy thing I must say. And it doesn't keep it very cool in stock config. Any help on the pwm ic would be great and how to connect it.
  4. Can anyone tell me if anyone has tried to run 4, 1 gig sticks of ram? Currently the motherboard I have would not operate correctly with the two sticks I had them in the Orange slots! So the moment I changed them to the Yellow the pc would boot and all that good stuff. The problem that at times it would not boot all the way into Windows. So anyone on the 4, 1 gig sticks of ram?
  5. thats the one how do I set it up for my x2 4800?
  6. No it much more heavy duty than prime. Something like oc something?
  7. What is the name of the stress cpu program than is better than prime 95? Also how would I setup and test with the CPU Dual core I have?
  8. Spend the money if you can and get one like I am using it is all worth it. It is made tough and will take it when it gets tough!
  9. 115 degrees fahrenheit , is correct. there was no question in this post just to let people know that this memory can operate at 500 mhz and I feel even beyond that. There are people out there that have this memory in that are running below the mhz that is intended, for there information.
  10. First of all I must say that I had help from a friend at work. I guess all it takes is someone that understands how it is done! The OCZ Gold memory runs at 500 mhz no problems. I ran "Super Pi Mod" several times getting to 500 each time it took about a half hour. I also ran "Prime 95" for a little moe than an hour no errors at all. I plan on ruuning the program for several hours later. I have to say the temps on the CPU will go up towards + 25 degrees on stock fan. My CPU ran at 115 degrees max at 100% CPU load. Over all I am happy at 2.5 gig!
  11. I shows in nvraid software as channel primary and secondary. device as both masters! Is that correct?
  12. I don't know I have to ask the question in a Raid 0 two same kind drives do I have to set jumpers on the drives for Master and Slave?
  13. Thank you my man I will try that, sometimes the little things work- opp's it's work time. Thanks again!
  14. Can I place the sticks I have in the Yellow slots? If so will it be still dual channel?
  15. Please read my post on 2/27/2006 called "was 2 led's" , about the ram. I am thinking of getting different ram all together. At this point it don't matter any more I have spent about $3000.00 on this set up and I will spend more just to make it work! these boards are real touchy and there is no real tech support! What kina ram are you using? I will likely get this ram- http://www.zipzoomfly.com/jsp/ProductDetai...ctCode=80097-54 It will work in this board I have as well as an Asus A8n32-SLI Deluxe that if I have to will buy to try and correct this pesky problem! So read my post on the date above and let me know what you think of the question on the ram slots.
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