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  1. use the the plastic mount provided with it, take of the yellow top bit
  2. Are you using the ide cables provided, i had used them first but having same problems i took them out as they are quite bulky. Was bored today and thought ill try them again, after i had done all the fixmbr etc.. It worked, some how in the process of putting new parts in i guess they stopped working. lesson learnt, try cables more times than one.
  3. Could it be a faulty mobo ? or is the type of error not really possible.
  4. I posted since we have the exact same problem, i didnt realise this was not allowed. I will stop posting. Sorry hoho220, GL with sorting this, i will keep an eye on this in hope that some one is able to help you and in turn it will solve my problem.
  5. my psu is in sig, unless im missing some details, or do you mean the org poster ive only got one stick in , and in the slot you mentioned and i have run the memtest
  6. i did what you said sharp, bar the quick format, i did a ntfs full message comes up "press any key to boot from cd" i leave it then - error loading operating system
  7. Im suffering the same problem, tried many things and nothing has worked.
  8. I guess no one knows what could be wrong ? , i guess ill phone maxtor tommorow and failing that will have to RMA the mobo.
  9. Ive used the powermax software to test the drive and it passed. Is it worth phoning maxtor up and speaking to their tech support?, why do you doubt it is the motherboard when you had similar problems yourself on a dfi board?
  10. Tried a different cable, havent tried unplugging my cd rom after first part of install I am currently trying to get it work on one hard drive, ive only got 1 stick of ram in, which passed the memory test. Ive low level formatted and windows xp formatted and still the same. Ive exhausted any ideas that i have found and searched for. Its really weird coz when entering the recovering mode of xp, it shows stuff being on the hd. Help
  11. Updated repeat post I keep getting the msg "error loading operating system" when the first file copy portion of windows restarts. I have tried all the tips for building and setting up the pc correctly. I have done a low level format on the drive, ive gone into the xp recovery part and done fixboot, fixmbr. Is the problem with maxtor issues known for a number of other drives? Because i had the same problem with my Fijitsu drive. Is this worth me sending the motherboard back or should i first contact both hard drive manufacturers and speak to them. Is there anything i can do to try and fix it. All jumpers are set, boot orders in the bios are correct. Im really at a loss at what to do. If the motherboard is faulty, great, if its not then what do i do?. Im not sure i want to order a new one just to test, sadly i dont have access to any spare ones from people i know, as well as losing the use of 3 working HDS. Thanks in advance for any replys.
  12. Do you have an address for WD tools (or is it part of tmods cd) ? , ta for replys
  13. All jumpers are correct, i have the 80 gb hd as prim master, and the cd as secondry master, disabled sata, upon restart i get the msg Missing Operating System, reckon i need to RMA the mobo ?, are there known issues between the gfx card, hds, mobo ? really am stuck :/
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