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  1. Just mt 2 cents, iceberq4 works great just a bit of modding though...
  2. I know it's been said but, DO NOT under any circumstances use the Network Access manager or Firewall. It can totally hose your PC.
  3. I beleive that you have to have both listed for backwards compatibiility. Try plugging in a usb 2.0 device. If you get the "THIS DEVICE COULD OPERATE FASTER" then it's not functioning correctly.
  4. Are you using the nVida firewall and forceware access manager? If so DS that POS, it can hose you up beyond beleif. If you already knew this my apologies.....
  5. I had this problem but it wasn't BIOS related. Have you tried anything else?? Mine was a hardward confict.
  6. Just a quick hitter on this..... those of you running XP64, worth it or not? Would you reccomend waiting or dive in? I've waited and I hear WME is coming out for 64 and that makes me wonder if now is a good time. Any rant or rave you want to give about x64 is appreciated.
  7. I should make it my goal to make a PC that acts as an A/C as well. Not much use for it here though.........
  8. Thanks for posting this. I was thinking of doing the same post but my last thread was a pretty n00by one.
  9. Thanks. Now everyone is staring at me because I busted out laughing reading that. That was hilarious.
  10. Port Washington Wisconsin! Since none of you know where that is it's........ ah look it up on Google Earth.......
  11. I didn't list the case and fans because, outside the ones listed in my sig, they are nothing to write home about. I have 2 80's in the front intake at about 25 cfm, one 80 intake on the side at 40 cfm, two exhaust in the back at 25cfm. The case was Raidmax Cobra (yes, point and laugh now). Just for fun I hacked apart an old PSU and am using one of those fans as one of the front intake fans (I'm guessing the cfm at 25) I'm measureing all of this with the nMonitor, ITE Smart Guardian and my fav speedfan
  12. Search the forum for Virtual Memory Low thread I started. Network Access Manager and Firewall can do VERY insidious things to you. I couldn't run my PC for more than a day without rebooting thanks to that POS.
  13. I think you may have a problem with your Master Boot record. I've had this before when the BIOS decides to change the boot priority (that's when I've recieved the error loading OS) I'm thinking somewhere the BIOS has messed around with you. Do you have more than one HD?
  14. Okay, stupid n00b question. Is it possible to be too cool? I was checking temps and given all the posts I have read, I'm shocked at how cool my temps are. Granted I'm not doing any OC'ing but I don't see 40's on the radar. If I do a stress test the chipset MAY hit 40. I have don't alot of things to make sure it's cool (I had a laptop with OH probs, don't EVER want to see those again) even without needing to.
  15. I didn't notice any graphic performance difference. (Naked eye, I didn't run any benchmarks) but I did notice that my TV Tuner function would die after 25 minutes of use. (Really sucked, I was trying to tape a special on dragons for my son and it stopped 1/2 way through).
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