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  1. my board went down so i got a new one - put back in (with raid 0x4 hdd) and sent the older revision for rma.. thats how i got 2 boards (expert) now the 2nd board sts in a backup basic machine with a 939 amd 64 3500..
  2. yes i got 3 boards.. a002/ is not as good as aooc or a00d d is best for overclocking + better temp probe monitoring.. a002 has cpu shutdown problem that c/or d does not have. ie stop cpu fan (set bios to shutdown at 65) but cpu does not shutdown at 65 (fail to do this) 00c + 00d works.
  3. http://www.siliconimage.com/ (sill image 2nd controller) www.nvidia.com (chipset +raid) http://www.dfi.com.tw/Product/xx_product_s...TYPE=LP&SITE=US (sound etc..) http://www.marvell.com/drivers/search.do marvel 2nd network card...
  4. no...new board came with last known up to date bios.... just downloading...checking email then...mbm5 warned me of low voltage.. i though faulty software glitch... but same in bios.. actual now its saying .098 volts before it was 1.09 boards never been clocked... at 4800 + 1900xtx it does every thing i need.. no mods on it..stock standard....everything heatsink etc... last board that died (11months old) had a th 90c heatsink... but i decides it was not warthy to clock t as i cant get rid of the heat via air cooling....and i needed a rock stable setup... i only run bf2 - 2142 for a few hours a week...rest of the time...print invoices etc...watch dvds..
  5. my 3.3v sensor via mbm5 or via bios screen health.. is now saying 1.09v. psu tested shows 3.3v and system is fully stable... i have 2 boards (expert) iv rip out my new d rev board and put in the replacement c version.. its ok....shows 3.3/// 3.28 etc.. i have mbm log file every 60 sec.... why has my sensor gone wrong... show i send it back under warrenty its 5 months old.. how long is the warrenty..
  6. i dont have any problems with my setup...using same ram i think...?
  7. you can go to 400 ddr t2 on the expert. i tested crosair 4000 pro (ddr500) sticks 4x 512mb after 410(420) the board spits the dummy.. but with 2 sticks ddr 550 max)
  8. iv got a 4800... if you are not going to clock.. its fast... just use ddr400 ram... geting ddr 500ram is very expensive for old ram.. all ddr2 now..
  9. yep... just make sure you hook it up correctly. my thermal take armor case has firewire port on top. 6-15 wires hook up the 2nd firewire port on the motherboard.. make sure you check wire diagram hookup. and make sure it is a firewire port. check case manual-web
  10. sorry dont know.. never herd of aa- ab revisions... you would think so.. a02 (maybe a0b) then a0c + a0d? good board - some problems ... but no bios updates anymore....
  11. iv got rev a0c /a0d a0d is 4 months old (new 2nd system.) a0c is a rma board sent back.. 4 (months old) a02 (my origional board-dead rma it) 1.3 years old. allboard have the same last off bios.. but a02 board has a bug.. if you stop the cpu fan (set bios up to autoshutdown at 60dcelc), but it would not turn the system off. ripped the board out put in a0d - did test...it works..same setup? Only diff was revision of board.
  12. actually the 4 pin p4 power only will plug in 1 way. the shapes ins (plastic) will not allow you to plug it in the other 1/2 half of the connector...iv tried...
  13. are they grayed out. 1 nvidia or sil if its sil image go to part where you set the ram speed mem86 built n test.. option to turn on sil 3114 (old/new/raid/sata on/off) should be the same as the expert bios? the sil 3114 will not show up in bios (hdd details) they will appear at bootup (black screen white writing) sil 3114 sata controller 0hdd 500wd 1hdd 400wd 2hdd 750 segate 3hdd nec dvd burner etc...
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