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  1. ive tried factory settings, ive tried pushing the memory divider to 250, ive tried settings that the g.skill techs gave me. since they dont make them anymore i was going to rma them but they want to replace these with some pc 3200 thats worth less in value.
  2. 9ks2k

    To dual core or not.

    Im a gamer and dual core 185 didnt do much. Games a re GPU bound so stick with dual core forget quad games dont even use it. (yet)
  3. MY HZ kit sucks balls wont even get past 240 if im lucky! tried everything diff bios diff setting very loose setting 2.9volts even never got them to run 250 kinda gave up trying just stick to high CPu overclocks thats what give me more fps since i cant oc the mem.
  4. Just flashed with the 23/10/2007 bios and i think theres a screw up with it. I noticed my sata ports are reading that my drives are on 1,2 when they are on 3,4 on the mobo. Didnt notice this with any other bios before i tried this one. anyone have the same issue?
  5. 9ks2k

    How do I reattach an IHS?

    yeah and id used some kinda thermal paste not AS5 but thats just me idk if as5 would work better or not with the IHS
  6. 9ks2k

    How do I reattach an IHS?

    yeah this is what im thinking of.
  7. 9ks2k

    How do I reattach an IHS?

    maybe some HIGH temp gasket maker they sell at a hardware store. just apply a very small amount im going to attempt this when my new cpu comes in. ill let you know how it goes. unless u try it before me
  8. 9ks2k

    Gskill 2gb pc4000

    looking for F1-4000USU2-2GBHZ anyone has this memory kit let me know.
  9. what fan u have on your chipset?
  10. http://us.st11.yimg.com/us.st.yimg.com/I/s..._1901_260512993 thats what it looks like and im steping up to the new x-fi
  11. USED with white faced I/o drive bay. comes with all original equipment. SOLD
  12. yeah im having same issue. but im running a WD 400gb se16 sata2 drive and i cant get it to run at 3gbs only 1.5
  13. 9ks2k

    Sunbeam 4 Fan Rheostat $10

    yeah is it? u should edit if it is
  14. 9ks2k

    OCZ Powerstream 520W, $99 + shipping

    i guess that its sold
  15. so wait can u still use the HD as a second drive just not your os drive?