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  1. I recieved my new 7800 GT last night and all can now run 3DMARK05 and better yet play CIV 4 with no lockups. Got a score of 7856 no overclocking. I used the cross shipping meathod on the web avalable for 7800's so I was not without a vid card.
  2. Not that I can add anything but to say I am having the same issues with lockups. not only with 3DMARK 05 but I can not even get through the tutorial in CIV 4. the advantage I have is my son and I have identical MOBO's and CPU's and mem only GPU's are different so I ran the 3dMARK 5 test on his. He had a EVGA 6800 256MB Ultra and it ran back to back times I put my Video card in his puter and it locked up. RMA is on the way
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    nF4 Memory Advice (updated 14/11/06)

    Hi Sharp and all who have posted and asked ?, I am new to the boards and as a reference let me say the last time I built a rig 32 meg was a big deal.... I am building two rigs one for me and the other for my 13 year old. After ready all the posts and advise I decided on OCZ 2G (2X1024) EL Dual CH Platinum Edition. I did this after visiting Monarch Web site and saw they had a 30 dollor rebate the cost was 239.99. http://www.monarchcomputer.com/Merchant2/m...6&AFFIL=pg&NR=1 Thanks again for the advise. I will be back I am sure as the gear gets put together