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  1. So I shell out 200$ for a top of the line mobo and it doesn't even friggin work as it should? Am I the only one pissed off as hell around here? And I know it's not DFI's fault, before someone starts pointing that out, but that doesn't change the fact that because of nVidia the DFI product doesn't work. If I was DFI I'd be down nVidia's neck to fix the problem. BTW, I tried nVidia's drivers but those just completely screwed the firewall which doesn't even load now (on a clean install of winXP).
  2. Hey all, I started getting BSOD crashes on my comp a while ago, and I just figured out that they where caused by NVTcp.sys, which is part of the NVidia Armour firewall. It seems that this is a quite common problem, and after some reasearch I turned off the firewall and things seem to be working fine. Although not enough time has passed to be certain. In any case, the problem is that I want to use the hardware firewall because I don't like how much resources software firewalls eat up. Have any solutions been provided by Nvidia for this problem, or work-arounds that the community has figured out? - Esulin
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