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  1. Angry - My account for the Mirror #1 at Lark888.net expires the end of May 2006 and will not be renewed. I've kept the file up as there have been 4 to 5 downloads per day on average since the initial setup. I'll post again if I get more space at another host to let you know. Thanks for your good work. Lark
  2. " If you get a chance, I've got the other tutorial videos that need a home also if you feel like getting them up on some mirrors " Angry - I can provide some additional download for another video; just need to know which one and how to get it myself to upload. My mirror of the tweak video is running well within my bandwidth limitations. Lark
  3. I used a Antec 380W with 24A on 12v rail for a while on mine. Had a 3200+ Winnie overclocked to 2500Mhz, 3 hard drives, ATI X800XL, and 1GB ram. Ran for many months. I upgraded to a 520W dual rail PS. It ran fine. It's still not recommended.
  4. Been using onboard sound and BF2 with no problems since loading BF2 after Christmas.
  5. My Opteron 165 is 0547 TPMW also. Very nice cpu for me. Running 2718 Mhz (302*9) at 1.45v in BIOS (CPUz and MBM5 report 1.41v but I've verified with meter that voltage at idle is 1.45v also). Can get higher at higher voltage but really no noticable effect on speed and I prefer the lower temps. Link to Screen shot CPU Temperature was running at 42-43C before shutting down Prime95 to show duration. PWMIC and DFI Chipset were as show (+/- 1C) during run.
  6. I really, really missed MBM5 for my new motherboards!!! AND THEN, I saw a link to this thread for my main system (NF4 Lanparty Ultra-D) and - wonders of wonders - MBM5 running again and better than ever. Thank you, thank you. I had tried on some more recent boards but couldn't figure out the right setup. This one is great and even tracks my ATI GPU now.
  7. I have some unused Bandwidth and would host the file for a few additional weeks (most likely a thousand or so downloads depending on size). First I have to find the file.. . I'll go looking now. Got a copy. Link for download below. http://www.larksoho.net/DFI/ Angry - Figured ok to put up for download based on your bit-torrent comments. Was lurking and your "bandwidth" comment hit a chord on helping out the good work by folks like you. I'll remove from webpage if a problem. Thanks.
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