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  1. 1.37v for 2.7ghz on the 3800+ sounds awfully low. have u ran any of the stability tests? seems like u can run the games fine but try primeing.
  2. i'm working with those right now. my specs are similar to yours with the exception of teh mobo (see sig). i'm having a lot of trouble getting the ram to be stable on 1T no matter what timings i use. i have a lot more success with 2T. right now i'm prime testing for 398fsb x 9multi. once i get a stable overclock, i'll let u know my settings.
  3. this site will help you out with flashing ur bios through a bootable cd. http://www.biosflash.com/e/bios-boot-cd.htm
  4. i've had this said to me a lot so i thought i'd pass it on anyways, the main thing is taking ur time. dont all the sudden increase your fsb darmatically. like teh guide said, slowly go up in increments of 10-15mhz and if it boots into OS successfully, then run the superpi test. if that test is successful, only then should you again raise your fsb.
  5. ya i was looking through that but this is where the guide sorta loses me. i understand that in order to find teh max mhz of my cpu, i need to take everything else out of the equation including the ram. so i set the ram on 100mhz 1/02. isn't that all to it?? would changing the timings of the ram while its under specs make a difference?
  6. I'm an AMD overclocking noob. This x2 3800+ is my first AMD build. so anyways, i'm trying to find the max fsb of my CPU. frankly, i can't get pass 245fsb mark with 10x multi and LDT/FSB ratio on 3x. DRAM setting is on 100mhz (1/02) like the overclocking guide suggested. i've tried upping the voltage all the way up to 1.55 with 113% but it still isn't stable. I can bearly get pass the 2 minute mark in SuperPI. can anyone give me some advice?? thanks
  7. in the overclocking guide, for finding the max fsb of ur cpu, it says to set the CPU/FSB Frequency Ratio to default. i was wondering..how do u find ur default (i got x2 3800+). mine was set on auto when i got it. thanks
  8. its using WC right? so the temp shouldn't be that bad with the IHS off.
  9. i want to flash my current bios to the 7/04-2BTA BIOS by using the bootable cd way. I created the cd with drdos, AWDFLASH and 704-2BTA.bin on it. The whole flashing process seems to go fine but i dont notice any changes in the system. when i use dxdiag, it still says "Default System Bios" i tried using BiosAgent but i kept getting that an loading error from the program. is there a way to tell what version bios i have? is there another Flash program besides AWDFLASH that i should use instead?? thanks for the help.
  10. ok well here is my problem. i decided to get rid of Win XP 64x and go with normal XP Pro. Well, i got to the partition screen and it says my hard drive was only 131gb (its suppose to be 320gb). If i get to the screen with the 64x installation cd, it says 305gb. however, with normal xp pro cds, it says 131gb. i couldn't figure out what was wrong so i decided to flash the bios to the 02/07/2005 Beta N4D702-2, goten from this site http://www.techpowerup.com/articles/other/114. after flashing to this bios verison, the screen went black and i've been getting a continues stead beeping sound. what should i do?? thanks
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