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  1. First of all sorry for my English. Last Night, while I was playing warcraft 3, my comp. suddenly shutted down. And didn't start up again. I checked the leds on startup and leds goes like this: First 3 LEDS lighten up, and 4th one is blinking twice (blinking like testing it again and again, and comp. trying to start again and again), Then after 5 seconds it skips that and goes to first led and beeps (1 long beep and 2 short). The screen do not turns on so I can't go into bios or smth. I tried the "1 memory on the orange slot" thing, and change the video card to the other PCI-E slot. While video card is in the other slot, this time only 2 leds are lighten up and no beeping. Is my video card dead? or there is something different?
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